“Some of the bankers I’ve spoken to in the past really believe that they give the people jobs. They give the people work by their loans, their incredible, dirty, overpriced interest rate loans and they have no respect for the ordinary people whatsoever. And you know something? The more the public take of corruption at the top, which we see more and more and more as every year passes on, the less they respect us for not even complaining about it. However, it also tells you that the corruption has spread down to the lowest levels of society. A good society cannot or would not tolerate corruption at the top, especially the amount we have today, so it’s because the person at the very bottom has become as corrupt too. They don’t really mind the guys at the top. They understand them to an extent, being corrupt and filling their own pockets.

The time is coming where the taxpayer will no longer be able to fund all these big projects, and that’s when we’re going to put to the work horse to really start turning the grindstone for them for a service type pay, probably by tokens. Bertrand Russell said that, eventually they’d phase out money. They’d claim that money itself it couldn’t go on anymore in a new society with inflation et cetera and the governments then would dish out into the accounts of every citizen their credits and you’ll get credits every Monday. You have to use them up by Friday because on Monday it would start again with the same amount. You could not save up your credits, so this is what they meant by an equal society. Equal for you, mind you, but there would be higher benefits for those bureaucrats and technocrats that will run your lives, all discussed 50 and 70 and 100 years ago. That’s all coming down our way now and unfortunately, as I say, we’ve been brainwashed through a scientific education, scientifically controlled education, group-think, where individuality has been all but crushed and where you’re ostracized if you are an individualist with independent ideas. You’re called ‘antisocial’ you don’t belong to the group-think. You won’t go along with group-think. You’re antisocial and if they haven’t got you on Ritalin already, they’ll find some way to try and get you on it because they’ve got to disable that brain of yours one way or another; and for years now, they’ve been picking mainly on young men. It’s primarily all men that are on these Ritalin type drugs and these men would be the leaders in a new society because they’re extroverted and they ask questions. They’re not shy. These are the ones who have been singled out to be diffused before they become a problem.

This is the same technique that Britain was famous for. When they had revolutions in countries they would start different groups and they would take in ‘radicals’ as they called them. When the revolutions were over they would round them up, because they did not want those same people being around with their knowledge and their abilities when they realized that this new victory was no victory at all and that they’re going on a different course. The communists did exactly the same thing. They used agencies to help them get into power, the Bolsheviks, and then once they were in they rounded up these different groups of radicals and eliminated them. Those were the first ones who were eliminated. They knew too much and they would complain when they saw this revolution going off in some strange tangent that was opposed to where they’d started off with in the first place. That’s where we’re going in this Brave New World. Something wicked this way comes.”

[Alan Watt in his radio programme Cutting Through the Matrix, 2007]


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