The Hypocrisy of Western Feminists

It is nothing new to discover that Western feminists are hypocrites. You can always count on a Western feminist to be outraged over women’s issues in Afghanistan or Iran but never bothered by the status of women in MBS’s Saudi Arabia or Narendra Modi’s India, which a Thomson Reuters 2018 poll found was the most dangerous country for women due to high rates of sexual violence and incidence of women being forced into slave labor. Their shallow version of women’s liberty only surfaces when the issue of women’s rights aligns with Western political interests, wars, and agendas.

Barbie, a plastic doll with flawless hair and a hip-to-waist ratio who drives a convertible and lives in a mansion, is the patron saint of this particular style of feminism. It shows little interest in the vast majority of women on the planet, whose goals are tamer than having a private aircraft, and who toil and struggle for the most fundamental of goals: to live and work in safety, to provide for their families, and to keep their loved ones secure. Gaza has demonstrated the futility of feminism when it directs its global resources around a piece of apparel rather than a genocide that is being broadcast live and mostly targets women.

Women and children make about 70% of those slain in Israel’s war in Gaza. Ultimately, women who have remained silent in the face of the biggest crimes our generation has ever experienced will be the ones to bring Western feminism to an end. It won’t be the patriarchy or Trump or Rishi Sunak, or any other supplicant right-wing men in positions of authority.

No western feminist has condemned all the suffering that women in the Israeli war are going through. Honestly, being here to root for humanity, I will not fall for the divide and conquer of supporting either Israeli or Palestinian women. I am here not only rooting for humanity, but as a woman, rooting for women – all the innocent women who are also the targets of evil agendas, and in this case, the war.

By the end of March, 31,000 babies were born into this war. In addition to the 52,000 expectant mothers in Gaza, 183 of whom give birth every day, Israel is purposefully starving an extra 105,000 breastfeeding mothers by preventing vital supplies from reaching Gaza. These ladies are unable to nurse their babies if they do not get enough calories and water. New mothers cannot even provide formula to their infants without access to clean water.

Miscarriages in Gaza have increased 300% under Israeli Bombing,” with humanitarian agencies saying that women and menstruating women are also facing alarming rates of severe infections due to Israel’s blockade of supplies and water. According to several UN agencies, half of Gaza’s pregnant women are anemic, which raises the possibility of low birthweight and preterm births. It is unsafe for women to give birth, and there is no guarantee that they or their children will survive after giving birth.

Apparently for some of the world’s most famous feminists, like Hillary Clinton, who happened to be a specific breed of war-mongering feminist, and the kind that gives speeches endorsing the anti-hijab demonstrations in Iran, she consistently rejects calls for a ceasefire and puts pressure on Israel to stop its needless killing of women and children in Gaza. Clearly, Gaza is not a universal feminist touchstone for these feminists like Clinton. Without forgetting, that appearing on the late-night talk show circuit, she described President Joe Biden as “effective and compassionate” with “a heart and really cares about people.” She forgot to add that this “effective and compassionate” president with “a heart and really cares about people” has ensured that Israel doesn’t run out of 2,000 lb bombs so that it can continue to bomb Gaza even after the International Court of Justice found that it was plausible that Israel’s campaign amounted to genocide.

Then you get other white feminists like Brené Brown, a novelist and business motivator who, last February produced a wordy, nonsensical essay titled, “Not Looking Away: Thoughts on the Israel-Hamas War.” Similar to other white feminists, she is incapable of discussing Palestinian pain other than as an unfavorable outcome of their own creation. Israel is exonerated of all crimes and guilt; it is also exonerated of apartheid, femicide, and infanticide.

The fifty French actresses and public personalities who were deeply touched by the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, who died in Iranian police custody for disobeying the country’s hijab laws, have not produced a video in support of their Gazan sisters. Instead, they came together to record a video in which they showed themselves cutting their hair. Staring miserably into the camera, Juliette Binoche, Marion Cotillard, and other celebrities chopped their hair under the awkward slogan #hairforfreedom, with a caption which stated “It is impossible not to denounce again and again this terrible repression. The dead are already numbered in the dozens, including children.” Even though Binoche has publicly supported a ceasefire, none of the public figures who made videos, wore t-shirts, posted, and yelled the Iranian cry of Women, Life, Freedom during the Iranian protests against the veil have shown any sign of sisterhood in light of the 9,671 dead women in Gaza and the 15,370 slaughtered children.

Gaza has also demonstrated to us that being a feminist on film does not equate to actually caring about women in real life. After giving birth to her fourth kid, Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot, an Israeli, shared a picture of herself in a hospital bed on social media. She writes, “We made it through the pregnancy, even though it was not easy.” The post’s best conclusion is that Gadot, who fought for Israel against Hezbollah in 2006 and has openly defended Israel’s bombardment of Gaza in the past, is blatantly tone deaf in light of her nation’s nearly complete destruction of Gaza’s medical infrastructure.

Two thirds of primary health institutions have closed and one third of hospitals are only partially operational as a result of Israeli bombardment. Saying that her post is callous is the worst thing you can say. Thousands of pregnant Palestinian women are giving birth in tents and by the sides of roadways as a result of Israel’s assault on Gaza. The lives of women who underwent cesarean sections are in jeopardy because they are being released from hospitals as little as three hours after giving birth. Doctors have reported performing c-sections without anesthesia, warming newborns with tins of hot water, and using the light from their cell phones during operations due to Israel’s blockade of gasoline, electricity, medical supplies, and medications.

Western feminists are hypocrites and their shallow version of women’s liberty only surfaces when the issue of women’s rights aligns with Western political interests, wars, and agendas.

Barbie, a plastic doll with flawless hair and a hip-to-waist ratio who drives a convertible and lives in a mansion, is the patron saint of this particular style of feminism.

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