How is the Maltese political puppet show robbing pensioners in the pension anomaly?

On the government’s Social Security site, one can find a section titled ‘The Retirement Pension Measures for those Born Before 1962.’

What did the pension anomaly consist of?

If you look at the second measure, it reads:

The second measure – is related to the Maximum Pensionable Income (MPI) of persons born before 1962 and is designed to gradually bringing their MPI in line with that of pensioners born in 1962 and afterwards.

The MPI of pensioners born before 1962 this year will be set at €22,000 and they therefore stand to gain an additional pension increase up to a maximum of €9.47 weekly, depending on an individual’s pensionable income.”

This site was talking to a pensioner lately who happened to be one of those who is entitled to this additional pension increase, which is no increase at all, because at the end of the day, he earned it through his payments and work. Anyway, because of a mistake done under the PN administration, the Labour government fixed this mistake but instead of giving the whole sum of money at one go, which for this pensioner amounted to around 6k, the government decided to give it back via installments of €9.47 weekly, which equals the approximate amount of €40 monthly every four weeks. With this rate, it will take many years for the pensioners to get the full amount, God willing if they live enough to receive it all.

If they don’t, the government keeps it to itself.

When you owe the government money, hell is let loose.

When the government owes you money, hell’s gates are closed while you rot and turn into ashes.

The Maltese political puppet show has truly turned itself into a daylight robbery of pensioners.

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