The European Commission is digitising you and your life – the digital wallet

On its Facebook page, the European Commission posted the following:

It reads:

“We’re digitising your lives with things like the EU Digital Identity Wallet for safe online ID checks and doc shares.

What is this precisely?

Imagine an app that makes it easy to get, store, sign, seal and share digital documents.

The #EUDigitalWallet will help you easily submit the documents you need to:

🔹 Open a bank account

🔹 Enrol in a university

🔹 Apply for your dream job

This tool will allow you to do all of this while keeping control over your data and access permissions, thus protecting your privacy and information It will be a voluntary service available to all who choose to use it.”

As if the European Commission will tell you that it will be obligatory. If it does, no one or few will accept. It will be obligatory when you are not given any option and where the masses lead you to this controlling method for the sake of convenience.

This is a gradual change leading to a totalitarian control and more enslavement for you, the modern slave.

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