Every 100 years the world is given a reset pandemic. Covid-19 mimicked the Spanish flu (war)

As soon as the world thought that the pandemic has exited, we had the Russia/Ukraine war and then the war in Israel.

If we transfer this to the period of the Spanish flu pandemic, we see that World War I came to an end on November 11, 1918—nine months after the first cases of what was referred to as the Spanish Flu were reported in the United States. According to military doctors, the outbreak’s epicenter was a British station in Étaples, France. While World War I was still raging in Europe in the winter of 1916–17, rumors of a new disease that had a quick onset and great spreadability began to circulate about the camp. Soldiers carried that illness back from the front lines of battle, and this illness was the flu. The question is, how did these soldiers carry the flu? Were they injected with something before they went on the front lines of the battle? Or was it all just a con?

“The 39th Regiment marched through Seattle on its way to a deployment in France during the pandemic. Each soldier was outfitted with a mask provided by the Red Cross.”

An outdoor Army hospital which was constructed to house sick soldiers.

Sounds similar and familiar?

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