Now I think we have Chris in New Hampshire on the line. Are you there, Chris?

Chris: Hi. How are you?

Alan: How are you doing?

Chris: I’m doing pretty good thank you. I’ve listened to your podcasts for quite a while.

Alan: Hold on a second and we’ll talk after the break. Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and we’ve got Chris from New Hampshire who got cutoff just before the break. Are you still there, Chris?

Chris: I’m here. I hope you can hear me okay. I’m on my cell phone.

Alan: You’re clear.

Chris: Thank you. I’ve listened to you for months now, mostly everyday on my iPod downloading your podcast, and like most of us out there I listen to you for free and I haven’t apologized for never buying any of your products, but that’s going to change because I want more. Like most of the other listeners I’m sure that given the time and the opportunity we would have hundreds of questions that we would like to ask you. But right now there’s only one right now that’s pressing on my mind. I drive to work every morning in Massachusetts and every morning I see the planes up above laying down the trails and they are criss-crossing in the sky. I watched them from my window at work and I watch them start to spread and spread and by early afternoon those trails from the jets have come into a complete cloud cover in the whole area, and frankly, I’m pretty scared to death. I mean you can’t drink the water. You can’t buy bottled water without getting estrogen. To coin the term that you use, we’re being sprayed like bugs. I caught asthma as an adult. I’m in my 30’s. I’ve never had it before.

Alan: I’ll tell you that’s the interesting thing. I’ve had about five people in about one month, most of them actually 40 and over who have come down with asthma for the first time.

Chris: My question would be what could I do to protect myself and my family from this aerial spraying in case it’s everywhere?

Alan: That’s the problem. You have no idea that it’s everywhere. It’s all over the world. I get it from Australia and New Zealand. All over they’re doing this spraying and my mind always goes right back to Mr. Rumsfeld on the CBC news when he talked about the aerosolized Prozac and Valium to spray over major cities to calm the people in times of major crisis; and I thought my God they’re actually doing it. If you were the boys at the top and you’re bringing in this Brave New World with a completely new set of values, completely new duties as a citizen to the world state, new way of living, you would use every weapon in your arsenal. I really have to say I believe they’re using it.

Chris: Yes, I do too. I do feel fatigued all the time and I myself remember the contrails or condensation trails evaporate quickly but these stay up there all day. There are there virtually all day, 10, 12, hours into the nighttime they are still out there. I’ve searched the internet and tried to find ways — how can I protect myself, less than wearing a HAZMAT suit, is there anything that we can do?

Alan: The main thing you can do is in the home there are certain screening types you can get that were used for underground shelters, but there’s filters you can actually put over windows and so on, anywhere where you want air coming in to try and keep out whatever is in all this stuff. I know that there’s different barium and aluminum oxide because I’ve had it tested myself. It killed my dog I had about two or three years ago and it was eating snow. It was eating compacted snow at the end of winter and it was highly concentrated spray from the whole winter and the dog died. I got information at that time that other people’s pets were dying too from the same causes. It’s a highly toxic. Definitely try and stop the air coming in through these filters. There’s companies that you can buy them and fit them to your windows yourself. Honestly, apart from wearing a respirator outside I have no idea how you’d stop it because it’s everywhere.

Chris: That’s what I thought. I thought that and I hear a lot of guys on the radio harking vitamins the same.

Alan: Now listen. I never hype fear and then give you something to sell.

Chris: I know you don’t. I appreciate that. One other thing, I flew back from Florida and I was coming to LaGuardia Airport and all the TSA were out there in force and I saw them physically patting down this man who happened to be an octogenarian in a wheelchair with his grey-haired wife standing by, patting him down, searching through their stuff while people of Middle Eastern looking are passing clearly through. I said to myself, this Homeland security thing is nothing but a farce, a lie and a joke, and I am convinced that they are doing that to train us for a police state.

Alan: There’s no doubt that everything that’s happening and I’ve gone through all the laws that have been passed on the U.S. books since 9/11. Now they tried to get them passed before 9/11. Some were passed before 9/11 even happened when the Clinton Administration — that’s why they blew up Oklahoma City building and that passed that weekend after that. They tried it the week before and it wouldn’t pass, so boom, and bingo, it gets passed.

Chris: I remember the news announcers — I remember a newscaster saying they’re bringing out bombs from the Murrah Building and then they said that there was a big hole in the ground and there wasn’t the hole.

Alan: I’ve still got the tapes that I recorded at the time from the main newscasters and they did say that that FEMA had an office in the basement and they were bringing out all these bombs.

Chris: Well Alan, thank you very much. I don’t want to monopolize your time even though I’d love to monopolize your time and ask you just dozens and dozens of questions. I thank you and again I apologize for being a free listener all these months.

Alan: You try and help out because it’s the only thing that keeps me going.

Chris: I do read some of the books that you request. Some of them are very difficult to read because I’m a product of public schools and television and reading is amazingly difficult.

Alan: It will come. The more you do it the easier it will get.

Chris: Thank you Alan.

Alan: You take care.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, 2007]

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