“Now I think we have Allen from England, are you there?

Allen: Yes. Hello Alan.

Alan: How are you?

Allen: I’m fine. How you doing? I spoke to you a few weeks ago. It’s always very assuring to hear your voice, Alan, and I did ask you about exo-politics if you remember. You didn’t make any comments about that.

Alan: I understand all the theories of it and so on, but I’ll tell you nothing is going to work. Nothing is going to work or change anything until we realize that there are psychopathic types within society, all strata, and this has happened down through thousands of years. We always think we’re getting ahead. We knock over tyrants once in a while only to see new ones arise because these characters keep coming up and they go into all sides of politics; they speak for the people too. We saw this even in the Soviet system. It was supposed to be a system for people to voice their concerns and all agree upon where they wanted to go; and the same coterie of psychopaths got to the top in no time at all, shoved out all those that had the old system, or at least their initial values in their minds, they pushed them to the side.

Allen: It seems to me they’ve infiltrated just about everything.

Alan: Everything. You’re right.

Allen: Including things like disclosure projects with secret programs of all sorts. Once again we have this sort of common denominator as you described them quite accurately as a gaggle of psychopaths in control. In your own personal expertise, and I’m sure many people are listening and admire your opinions on history and what you know and what you’ve learned and you’re passing it on, but how do you see that given that there are many shows like yours that are increasing awareness and it’s a growing awareness?

Alan: It is.

Allen: It is indeed and it’s a fantastic thing to be living with in the present, you know? To witness.

Alan: All we have to do is do exactly to them to everyone who wants to have any power whatsoever over the public to have them tested with the strictest. We also need to teach in schools how to recognize the psychopathic traits. That’s the only way you ever stop them from getting up there because these are cunning people.

Allen: Maybe that’s why there’s more and more people doing home schooling perhaps.

Alan: Yes, that too. There’s no doubt whatsoever.

Allen: That’s a statistic that they don’t want to tell us about, in America in particular and also in this country.

Alan: In the U.S. it’s no secret that those who are home schooled are grabbed by the universities because they are so far ahead of the regular students that go to usual schools.

Allen: That’s an interesting thought right there, isn’t it?

Alan: It is.

Allen: Given that they’re trying to break down the family system.

Alan: They’re trying to break down the family unit, but also that’s why they instituted the National Educational Association, which is also the International Educational Association. It was to standardize all views and opinions so there would be no free thought really. It was to create a form of matrix thinking, just like religion did for thousands of years. You would be in the middle of the box and all you would view was the walls of that box. That would be your parameters of thought. It’s the same thing with the educational system. They wanted to standardize everything under the one system and then give you a fake reality. I’ve never heard it discussed in school why we have to be trained through school and given all this nonsensical history and a phony value system, trained to run out into the world to compete and get to the top and then be successful.

Allen: Stop people from thinking for themselves basically and discovering themselves.

Alan: Absolutely, like they’re supposed to be.

Allen: You know your show I so admire people like yourself and there are so many of you that I don’t have to mention names and anyone who is listening is that these people are doing this for no money and the important thing is that we are all living in communities and we are all just living and human beings.

Alan: Yes we are.

Allen: The great service that people like Alan that you are doing, if you don’t mind me saying, is to awaken people and it’s wonderful and God bless you.

Alan: Well thanks for calling. I’ll tell you that’s really what keeps you going and it certainly does keep you humble because you realize that you’re making a difference in this world and hopefully maybe somehow you can even prevent more horrors from happening, not go down as statistics in the history books and especially with the people of Iran. I feel so sorry for these people and families over there that’s going to be disseminated if these boys at the top get their way too.

Allen: Let’s pray that that doesn’t happen and people can see some sense. It will be an act of complete desperation by the criminals, the ones who started all of this and they’re only criminals and psychopaths.

Alan: They are criminals and psychopaths. I’ve met plenty in the music business. You get into their homes after a big concerts and stuff and you hear them talking and they laugh and they do stuff that’s so debauched. The average person thinks they’re civilized and respectable. They’d be completely dumbfounded if they saw.

Allen: The only thing that worries me, Alan, is that I met a young man because I teach music technology and all that. I think I explained that to you before. I met one young man who’s into all of this green sort of eco-warrior fanaticism kind of paradigm and I pointed out to him, look, the dollar is going to crash and that’s all done by design and that’s all 1929 all over again and it’s all engineered. He said, ‘Oh, who cares about the Americans.’ He’s supposed to be an environmental hippy sort of peaceful Green Party type. You know what I mean? He’s supposed to be like that but he doesn’t care if millions of Americans die. I mean what is going on with this double-think?

Alan: Remember, in all groups and all groups will attract different types that try to get to the top. Hold on and I’ll talk to you after these following messages after the break.

Hi folks. Alan Watt with Cutting Through the Matrix and I think Allen is still on the line. Are you there, Allen?

Allen: I sure am. What the hell happened to Leonard Cohen then?

Alan: Oh well lots of little things in his life.

Allen: Other people have been using it.

Alan: I know, I know. It’s just that one verse kept playing. I wanted other verses to play but they couldn’t get round to doing that.

Allen: Really. They just had it on the loop I suppose. They just had it on a .wav file.

Alan: Yes. I mean all of those verses are very, very poignant and they’re relevant to the topics because even the last verse is about the coming plague you know. ‘Everybody knows it’s coming’ because the media has been telling us for years.

Allen: They do tell us. I mean they’re very blatant about it. Come on. Everyone saw the Queen the other day with the King of Saudi Arabia. It happened. There it was on television. Now what does it tell you? But I do sympathize with — excuse my croaky voice. I’ve been teaching all day, yelling at kids.

Alan: I thought you were singing at the school there.

Allen: Both. But I do understand the idea of the psychopathic angle because its endemic, isn’t it? You get it everywhere in the society as well.

Alan: The ones on the lower strata are called the failed psychopaths. Those are the ones who end up in prison, street level, but the other ones who are a bit brighter and born into the right families who have power to start with. You also have hereditary psychopathy, especially with an elite who’s inbred with male and female both from wealthy families who got their wealth from slaughtering and so on, then you’re guaranteed to have psychopathic offspring and that’s what we have today. We have generations of these characters all over the world.

Allen: That suggests it’s like a genetic thing.

Alan: It’s definitely genetic. Plato went into it in ‘The Republic.’ He talked about breeding traits in or out of people, just like animals.

Allen: Don’t you think it’s an ego thing? It’s also the conditioning that we get through the television and we’re not beings. We’ve been reduced to consumers.

Alan: Remember Britain — the British history is so important to all of this because it was pretty typical of the whole of Europe.

Allen: So anyone can be a psychopath. That’s what I’m trying to say.

Alan: Anyone can be one, almost.

Allen: You’ve got to watch the Ninja turtles or whatever.

Alan: They’re born without the innate sense of community or empathy. They’re born without that and that’s baffled people for a long, long time. It simply is not there. Now they’re very good at putting a show of it on. They’re the sort of characters that could go to a graveyard and even put a tear out and turn away and laugh at a joke a split second later. We actually saw this happening with Bill Clinton when they went to the Brown funeral. He stood around the grave and then he walked away and someone told him a joke and then he burst out in hysterics, and that’s the psychopathic trait there you see. They don’t have feeling.

Allen: That’s right but I think it’s all over shop.

Alan: It’s highly prevalent.

Allen: I think that people emulate it. I mean in business they’ re predatorial.

Alan: That’s what business is.

Allen: Banking and whatever, all of these moneymakers, anything to do with profit. They put profit first and service second and they don’t realize that if you do it the other way around you will get money if you give service.

Alan: And the money circulates too.

Allen: If you do things that work rather than what people perceive to be right and wrong, because we’ve got to respect that everyone’s got their own perceptions.

Alan: However, again, the problem today is here we are at the end of — I mean this is the 21st century and we kick it off with more wars and it’s to be the war of all wars to end all wars to bring the global system in. Then they’re going to have a war of terror on the population of the whole world because they need an enemy. This again is the psychopathic thinking. They can’t let go of power and that’s what we’ve got to understand. These characters will not let go of their deviant power structure that they’ve created and you’re right. They give us a culture which we then emulate.

Allen: Without any doubt, Alan, they have demonstrated that they are prepared to do just about anything.

Alan: That’s right, absolutely.

Allen: Anything.

Alan: Adolph Hitler in the bunker he said that if the German people failed to take over Europe and win that war then by the Darwinian standards of survival of the fittest they all deserve to perish. That’s what he said.

Allen: He was funded by Wall Street and the Bank of England. We know that.

Alan: Yes he was.

Allen: And because they were more scared of Stalin because they took them downstairs in the basement and shot them.

Alan: Yes I know. And then of course Professor Sutton–

Allen: I’ll get off the line now and let someone else speak.

Alan: Okay. I’ll talk to you again.

Allen: I’ll talk to you again then.

Alan: Sure.

Allen: I’ll listen to the rest of the show. Nice to talk to you.

Alan: I’ll talk to you again.

Allen: Bye.

Alan: Professor Anthony Sutton wrote two great books on this and he was a top man who went into the Congressional Records after wars and so on and he wrote ‘Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution‘. Who funded the Bolshevik Revolution and became the Soviet Union? It’s the same bankers, the same families in the West and then of course, ‘Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler.’ Same thing again. It’s well worth reading into. These characters have been behind all wars. They’ve never been prosecuted for them, even though George Bush’s grandfather was initially prosecuted but wasn’t put in prison for trading with the enemy during World War II. They were all financing the Natzi side and we wonder why we’re seeing fascism all over the place. It’s the same bunch in control. That’s why it’s here.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, 2007]


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