Two container ships crashed in two bridges in two weeks.

The first is that of Saturday 16th March where a giant containership crashed into and toppled over cranes in Turkey’s Eyyapport. According to the media, it failed to maneuver when arriving at the port.

Then we had the latest of the Baltimore Key Bridge, or the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which was given more coverage. The huge cargo ship left the port of the American city, Baltimore, preparing to set sail for Singapore, on March 26th. In what the media described as one of the worst shipping disaster in American history, the cargo ship hit the bridge after presumably having multiple power failures. The 300m long vessel can be seen to apparently lose power before striking the bridge – with smoke billowing out of the ship. This accident has left fatalities with people and multiple vehicles falling into the freezing cold water. Here is a footage of this dramatic accident, captured by a resident in Baltimore:

Here is another footage by the Guardian, but which I must say, does not show how the whole accident occurred:

One wonders what went wrong, and coincidentally the cargo ship had to go bonkers the minute it got closer to the bridge. There are a total of four generators on board the Dali. Two of them are the main generators while two of them are the auxiliary ones. Then there is one emergency generator. While it is understandable that the emergency generator might be very small with the capacity to support minimal systems, can someone tell us what is going on? If the event sequence was initiated with a loss of electrical power, which resulted in a loss of propulsion when fuel, lube oil and control air are lost to the main engine, can someone tell us what is going on? It also happened that this cargo ship was the same cargo ship which was also involved in a collision while leaving the port of Antwerp, Belgium, in 2016.

Remember that it will take many, many days to remove the heaps of steel, concrete and other debris which remained at the site of the crash while victims are being recovered. According to Scott Spellmon, commanding general of the US Army Corps of Engineers, said that it “could take days before the first piece of the massive wreckage is cut and lifted out of the way.” “More than 1,000 engineers in Baltimore and across the country are studying the wreckage piece-by-piece to figure out the best plan to remove the wreckage”.

“I believe it will be several more days of this type of analysis before we can start cutting and lifting members,” Spellmon told CNN. “There is a massive steel truss bridge going across that channel and at the bottom, 50 feet down, there are possibly some containers and other heavy debris that we have to get off the floor.”

He added it could take weeks for the channel to reopen. “I don’t think we’re talking days, I don’t think we’re talking months … I think we’re talking weeks,” he said. “I just can’t put a number on it yet until we get our analysis complete.”

Is this all on purpose ? So in Turkey we had this accident in a free port. In America we had this other bridge, disrupting commerce.

There’s a pattern here. We all are at war.

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