A reporter of the New York Times interviewed Bill Gates about the climate. Because the Microsoft ‘genius’ is now not only a medical, a vaccine and a pandemic expert, but he is also a climate expert.

Here is what Bill Gates wanted to teach us in the interview:

Interviewer: “Are you off setting your own personal emissions with that? And can you give us a sense of the scale of that?”

Gates: “Ah, it’s been like 10 million a year.”

Interviewer: “Ok, and just to be …”

Gates: “It’s been a variety of things. Buying electric key pumps into low-income housing where they get the benefits of lower monthly bills and I take the carbon credits for those things. There’s solar panels. You know, there is a huge variety of things. I don’t use much of the less proven approaches.”

Interviewer: “Such as?”

Gates: “I don’t plant trees.”

Interviewer: “Erm, there are a lot of people who are in favour of trees. We’ve got trees on the stage. Some people would just even say that if you just planted enough trees, it could take care of the climate issue altogether.”

Gates: “And that’s complete nonsense.”

Interviewer: [giggling] “Ok!”

Gates: “I mean, are we the science people, or are we the idiots? Which one do we want to be?”

They are neither. They are psychopaths and nature is not in their brains and hearts.

You would think that trees, which take up CO2 from the atmosphere for free, would be the best option, even if you were to claim that CO2 is some sort of “pollutant” that needs to be removed from the atmosphere, which is absolutely not the case! However, it seems that we must starve ourselves to death while developing obscenely costly and needless carbon capture technologies in an effort to remedy a nonexistent issue. So, instead of planting a tree, which is less costly and not only beautifies open spaces but it also takes up CO2 from the atmosphere for free, you need to buy their technologies so to ‘save the environment’ when destroying trees is part of the problem. Planting them would be saving the environment.

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