It is in black and white that Malta has experienced excess death rates in 2023. In December 2023, excess mortality in the EU increased to 9.5 % above the baseline, compared with 8.5% in November 2023. What could have gone wrong after the COVID-19 vaccine rollout?

Rest assured that Malta and Europe will continue to experience an alarming rate of deaths post-COVID-19 vaccine rollout. We will continue to witness the genocide for a long time.

You can continue to keep your heads buried in the sand, but you cannot deny that your vaccinated neighbours, friends, colleagues, and family members are either dying or else suffering from ailments, moderate or severe injuries, being diagnosed with common or rare diseases, and an endless list, due to the COVID-19 vaccines. In my workplace, where we aren’t a huge number, a triple-vaccinated colleague was diagnosed with a cancerous lump and had to be operated upon. Another vaccinated colleague was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat, and later, had to have a biopsy because of probable cervical cancer. Two young vaccinated sons, who are in their twenties, of another colleague had a mild heart attack while sleeping. One even had his speech affected.

While the COVID-19 vaccine-injured people are being silenced, in some countries, they can benefit from a COVID-19 vaccine claims scheme. For example, the “Australian Government has implemented a claims scheme to enable eligible claimants who have received a TGA-approved COVID-19 vaccine to obtain compensation for recognised moderate to severe vaccine-related adverse events.”

Malta continues to be a special place. Not only is the country drowning in deaths procured by the COVID-19 deadly vaccines, but the government is negating those who are injured because of the same vaccine by not implementing a compensation scheme. This means that the government is not only not admitting that the vaccine that it has marketed as safe and effective and encouraged the population to take is experimental and deadly, but the government is also denying the pain and existence of those who have been left injured and maimed.

And with the government, we can also add all those who have advocated for and believed in the same vaccine, like all the politicians in the non-existent opposition party, the media and its journalists, Archbishop Scicluna, Prof. Charmaine Gauci, and all those who used their position to influence the people to take this vaccine. And let us put into the mix all those who knew but remained silent. Nothing of an excuse they will give will cut it in emotional discourse.

The thing is that such a claim scheme would make use of public funds to compensate the same members of the same public.

The thing is that after having the government coerce you to take a deadly vaccine, the government will use your funds to compensate you. It is insulting, to say the least.

The thing is that all those who warned others not to take this experimental vaccine were ostracised, rebuked, mocked, and blocked. These should be spared after having been shamed. Instead, they should be rewarded for trying to save lives.

What if we had all those who advocated for the COVID-19 vaccine using their personal funds, salaries, and taxes to compensate all those members of the public who obeyed them and took the vaccine, which has now left them injured? And what about all those families who have lost a father or a mother who used to contribute to the livelihood of the family?

What about Big Pharma making up for it? Why was it protected from any liability from the same government which should be there to serve you and protect you?

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