Chris Fearne boasts that under his watch 1 300 000 doses of the experimental Covid-19 vaccines were administered

A video posted by the Facebook page “Malta Diżastru Totali” features Chris Fearne announcing how proud he is that Malta has administered 1 300 000 doses of Covid-19 vaccines under his watch. But then the Government does not give any information about excess death rates in Malta. So do the maths and you can start having a clue of the excess death rates which Malta saw in 2022 and those which Malta will keep on seeing to only God knows when.

Fearne happily asks who would have ever thought the world would look up to Malta regarding how one must work during a pandemic. He continues to humbly inform us that he has just returned from Denmark where he chaired a meeting of 15k people. During this meeting he talked about how we should learn lessons from this pandemic and that Malta is a model of how one should administer health worldwide. He added that the Maltese nation emerged triumphant with honours because they that is the government saved lives when others told them they would not even be able to administer 40k vaccines. But the government gave 1 300 000 doses and it saved hundreds of lives. I did not know that people’s health had been downgraded to a competition about how many of these vaccines are given to the people.

Dr. Fearne also boasted that the government saved a lot of employment. But did he tell the 15k at the meeting that many unwillingly took the vaccine to safeguard their job after their employer threatened that they would lose it if they did not take the vaccine? Did he tell them that some like myself lost their job because they refused the vaccine?

Did Dr. Fearne tell the 15k at the meeting that the Maltese government coerced the people to take the vaccine so they could fly go to restaurants gyms and so forth? And how many of the vaccinated are dying Dr. Fearne? The truth does not require your participation to exist. Actually with your participation only bullshit does.

Why don’t you tell the nation that you endorsed Remdesivir and the ventilator on my dad which made doctors pronounce him clinically dead three times? Why don’t you tell the nation that because of the Covid-19 protocol you and your doctors endorsed my dad’s pneumonia was not seen to immediately; instead he was sent home to quarantine and take panadols?

My grandmother’s health deteriorated some months after the booster which started with a huge recurrent pain in her injected arm followed by incontinence then with a lump that grew on her abdomen. Then she was taken to hospital from which she did not come out alive! She was diagnosed with liver failure, heart failure and pulmonary edema.

Why don’t you tell the nation that the pandemic was fake; the PCR tests were fake; the masks’ science was fake; the social distancing was fake; the vaccine science was fake; the news was fake, your messaging was fake and that of the government was fake as well?

But the comments of people on this video show that some are not gullible to Dr Fearne’s arrogance and compulsive lies:

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