The Minister of Health is in the news again. This time not to tell the Maltese nation to take another booster or how effective the Covid-19 vaccines are but to announce his “visit to the Department of Medical Imaging” at Mater Dei Hospital.

Malta among countries performing mechanical thrombectomy procedures for stroke patients

The usual pride and boasting is of course present. TVM news reported that:

“Malta is among the countries where  mechanical thrombectomyprocedures are being performed to patients suffering from  stroke. In a statement the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of Health said that Malta was placed in the same category as countries like Belgium and Switzerland which are known for this type of service. In a visit to the Department of Medical Imaging  at Mater Dei Hospital the Minister for Health  Chris Fearne urged those who felt symptoms of a stroke to immediately resort to the emergency for help. He explained that in these cases time is of the essence to save the brain cells and for the patient to make an optimum recovery.”

This piece of news needs to be read in the background of what is being reported in the foreign press. Foreign newspapers health journals and magazines report increased stroke cases after the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out. Therefore Minister for Health Chris Fearne is urging those who took the Covid-19 vaccines and are now feeling the symptoms of a stroke to immediately go to the emergency at Mater Dei hospital for a check-up. In a circumspect way he explained that there has been an increase in the cases of individuals seeking help at Mater Dei’s emergency department because of stroke symptoms. What he is not saying is that this growth in number mainly came from vaccinated individuals suffering from stroke or other symptoms because of the Covid-19 vaccines. This is why he stated that in these situations time is fundamental in saving the life of a person. The side effects of these vaccines are proving to be lethal. Therefore what the Minister of Health can offer to these patients is to seek medical advice immediately!

And the proof that Mater Dei is seeing a rise in patients with stroke after the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines comes in black and white in the same report by TVM:

“Consultant Reuben Grech explained that the results of patients admitted to Mater Dei Hospital due to stroke are improving. He said that the provision of the mechanical thrombectomy procedure has increased by 300%since it began to be provided eight years ago. Consultant Grech concluded by saying that this among others has been possible thanks to the medical equipment in the hospital which he said is helping the doctors to determine the condition of the patients in a shorter time.”

Can the Maltese nation know by how much did this procedure increase since the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines? Is Mater Dei being inquisitive and asking patients seeking treatments for stroke if they are vaccinated or not?

I am sure that the Ministry of Health will not answer these two simple questions and give statistics on the increase in stroke cases over the last few years as this will be proof that the rise in the number of strokes cases in Malta is due to the arbitrary administration of the Covid-19 vaccines.

What follows is news from the international media which associates an increase in stroke cases with the Covid-19 vaccines.

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