Another death among many of an individual who poked fun at the unvaccinated: he is a 45-year-old bartender.

At the Giant Eagle Pharmacy in Tallmadge Ohio Mr. Jason Bryan Maurer received his first dose of experimental Moderna mRNA on April 2.

Mr. Maurer stated that the initial injection had no obvious side effects. On April 30 the second injection was given. Again he showed his pride in taking it.

On May 3 Mr. Maurer published a very peculiar update. He suggested that the lack of an AIDS vaccine made the experimental COVID-19 injections a good idea.

He also lashed out at the unvaccinated telling them “Shut the hell up and get your Covid vaccine.”

The COVID overlords thought Mr. Maurer was the ideal American. He signed up for the Ohio “Vax-A-Million” lottery which offers participants the chance to win cash if they submit to the risky injections.

Lotteries for vaccine recipients were also available in a number of other states.

Cattle like to brand themselves you know.

In one of his final Facebook posts Jason Mauer mocked the unvaccinated specifically with a post of a man displaying a flag that stands for homosexual culture that is LGBT. (archived link:

Jason Bryan Maurer passed away unexpectedly on 5th June 2021.

Telling the unvaccinated to “Shut the hell up and get your Covid vaccine” is a very bad bad idea because the Covid-19 vaccine has the bad idea of shutting up the hell out of you forever.

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