The saga of the banks continues: Banking Giant Barclays continues to shut branches across the UK and Wales.

The Daily Mail reported that UK’s struggling High Street will be hit by another blow as “Barclays announces it will shut 14 more branches.” This latest round of closures means that more than 100 banks are shutting for good in 2023.

Of the 14 closures which banking giant Barclays is doing one finds eleven are throughout England two in Wales and one in Scotland.

“Barclays had previously revealed 41 banks would close this year including five that have already shut up shop. But the new fourteen revealed closures mean 55 sites will now shut in 2023.”

“The announcement by Barclays follows a flurry of closures by other banks this year including NatWest which is axing 23 sites and Lloyds Banking Group which is closing 40 Halifax and Lloyds branches.”

“Last month HSBC announced it would be closing more than 100 branches this yeardespite pre-tax profits rising and its boss’s salary increasing to £4.5million.”

The community of Lymington Hampshire was devastated by the news of the most recent closure.
According to James Hoare Mayor of Lymington and Pennington “Many of our older residents prefer to visit their branch ” so the closure of Barclays Bank in Lymington is disappointing.

He further explained that these elderly customers have reservations about online banking and sometimes have trouble getting online.
The Daily Mail admits that the closing of branches especially from the five biggest lenders in the UK is “a sign of the growing strain facing the industry.” “The crisis is so severe that entire communities have been left without a single bank.”

If we have to go deeper in the analysis and ask questions so to hopefully get to the answer shall we ask if first this is a sign of a crisis or secondly if it is being planned this way so that they force everyone to go completely digital in a controlled digitilised open air prison or thirdly if there is a workforce vacuum due to the Great Reset via depopulation via the Covid-19 vaccines? Or better still could it be a matter of all three combined?
Apart from having customers especially the elderly being affected what about the employees working in these branches and banks? Will they end up stranded without a job?

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