When mock drills, dirty-bomb drills and vaccination drills were done to train the public for what’s to come

“Now I get lots of email coming in here, and I was talking last week about this tremendous big drill they’re having in the States and Canada to do with emergency preparedness. It’s also over in Britain, they’re having the same thing and other parts of the world as well. It’s an amalgamated effort to use all the official military, police, et cetera, all working together, all the institutions along with the non-governmental institutions, the civil workers as well. They’re having mock drills, dirty-bomb drills, and vaccination drills all over the place. All training the public for what’s to come I think down the road to keep us all terrified.

This is an email from one man, one young guy who is at university right now in Arizona; Arizona State University, and this is what he said: ‘I go to ASU as an undergrad here in the disgusting city of Phoenix. You were talking recently about the dirty bomb drill that is to take place here in Phoenix and how Chandler is encouraging people to participate in the vaccine drill, which is supposed to assess the level of effectiveness of mass vaccinations in cases of crisis such as terrorist attacks or infectious outbreaks. Chandler is really part of greater Phoenix now. Indeed, many people are in complete acceptance of these exercises and pretty much oblivious to the implications of such exercises even being suggested. I suppose I should completely resonate with the folks who may be over my age during the nuclear scare and being told to duck and cover in case of a bomb.’

That’s true. That’s what they used back in the ’50’s, ’60’s, and some of the ’70’s. They were telling the children to go under their desks and hide, as though that was going to save them, and it was all to get them trained; it was a real threat. They love these phony threats you see for control purposes.

‘These exercises don’t serve to prepare officials for anything, but rather they obviously serve basically as Pavlovian gimmicks to constantly reinforce our fear of the potential worst case scenario. It certainly helps that a significant portion of the people are zealous religious fanatics who actually think this alarmism is a natural progression to the apocalypse and end- times, which we’re all destined to achieve.’

It’s true. A lot of the big holy rollers that lead all the big herds are preaching the ET phenomenon. For a Christian, it’s the end times. For the new-agers, it’s extraterrestrials.

To continue with his letter: ‘He says anyway the funny thing, Barrak Obama…’

I wonder if that’s short for Baruch. I bet you it is.

‘…decided to come to the ASU campus today at 10 a.m. and speak for half an hour or so. No real substance in classical political pros, and subsequently revert to bashing the job Bush is doing, constantly repeating the slogan change. Change we can believe in…’ That’s true because they use this change thing all the time in all their slogans they’re getting from the marketing companies, like change is good. Well, I might be on the street. You’d be on the street, but that’s change. Is that good? They never qualify what they mean by change, but they want us all to believe in it. Meanwhile and I’ve got this picture of this chemtrails being sprayed overhead…’ That’s this morning at this university.

‘…and they had been releasing chemtrails since early in the morning. I came to campus around 8:20. At that time there were clear skies and I could see apparent first spray flights from east to west overhead. What was interesting is that I live in Mesa and obviously am well aware of chemtrails and I keep an eye out quite often for them and notice them consistently. However, I don’t normally notice them over the ASU campus almost at all, so it was very odd to see any at all much less six, which is how many individual trails I counted that I could be certain were left overhead. Most of the time the chemtrails that I notice around south Mesa and above Chandler; in fact, I used to referee…’

He talks about some of the games he plays in that area. ‘…I remember one day when I was referring from ’95, throughout the course of the day, the sky completely artificially went from clear to a thick blanket of chem-clouds overhead within a matter of hours. At one point, and this is no exaggeration, there were easily over 15 planes in the sky, to be exact. If I can remember correctly I counted 21. I didn’t have a cell phone on me at the time and so I didn’t have a chance to take a picture. So yes, they’re certainly spraying in Phoenix a great deal, which is great because that is just one more reason for me to get the hell out of here after I finish schooling.'”

[Alan Watt, BRN Radio Programme, Cutting Through the Matrix, October 2007]


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