The Pater Familias in Civil Roman Law

“Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. Now I think we have a caller still on the line. Is it Don from Oregon, Are you there?

Don: Yes sir. Alan I’m here, and you are speaking well and in good form tonight and I appreciate your efforts. I just wanted to read a few things to further corroborate what you’re saying. It’s a page out of Bouvier’s Law Dictionary of 1914. I’ll read the first paragraph if it’s okay.

Alan: Sure. Go ahead.

Don: This is about the Pater Familias, in civil Roman law this was a position in order to give a correct idea of what was understood in the Roman law by this term Pater Familias, it is a proper to refer briefly to the artificial organization of the Roman family. I’ll say that again. ‘The artificial organization of the Roman family, the greatest moral phenomena in the history of the human race. The comprehensive term Potter or Familia embraces both persons and property, money, land, houses, slaves, children, all constitute part of this artificial family.

Alan: That’s correct.

Don: This [Judicur] entity, the legal [petrome] family. This, which was inclusive, vested in a chief or Potter Familias who alone was and who belongs to himself was [inaudible] in Roman law that far back.

Alan: They use the symbol of the fasci [fasces] as well. If you look at the Congressional Hall when they give their speeches either side of the president, and right on the left you see the fasci standing up right there. The U.S. was created on the fascist system.

Don: Yes. State is just another word for condition, so it’s an artificial condition.

Alan: The Founding Fathers stated that they were going to copy their system on Rome. It was the best one they could find. That’s right, and you wonder why all those symbols are there. There’s the fascist in the Congressional Hall on either side of those people. The corporate interests have run the United States since its foundation, not the people’s rights and interests but the corporation’s. They run the economy, and when you realize that, your economy is actually the entity that gives you all of your laws. If you kill someone, they put you away. It’s not because you killed someone. It’s because you took a taxpayer out of the system. That’s why you’re going to get punished.

Don: It’s all based on commerce. A friend of mine amply stated one time that “commerce is war masquerading as peace.”

Alan: That’s what we’re in today. We’re in one of the biggest wars ever and the last leg of their journey. Thanks for calling.”

[Alan Watt, RBN Radio Programme, Cutting Through the Matrix, October 2007]

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