Here is a post by your Labour MEP Cyrus Engerer, the mouthpiece for the LGBTIQA+ agenda, who identifies himself with the pronouns He/Him, promoting abortion not in a post, but in an interview for Corriere della Sera. Malta is doomed.

Here is what he wrote in his post:

“Abortion on the agenda in an interview for Corriere della Sera by Monica Ricci Sargentini.

Its 2024, Malta has the best LGBTIQ rights in the world, yet it still lags behind when it comes to women’s rights, including when it comes to saving a woman’s life when her health would be in danger during a pregnancy – Malta is the only EU Member State with a total ban on abortion.

It was a pleasure meeting Monica and explain why I believe this so.

It’s always a surprise to many to see that the first Maltese politician to ever vote for abortion rights is not a woman – in my votes, I have always taken a human rights and science-based approach – and while it is shocking for some in Malta to see my votes, I have no regrets, even if I’m the only to date to have voted for the right to access safe and legal abortion as a fundamental right.”

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