“As I said before the break, what’s really amazing here, apart from all the rest of the hype and nonsense and unverifiable supposed facts, is the fact that other governmental departments have come out with their own studies disproving the other part of the government’s findings telling you. Generally in the spring it happens every year in Canada, the blind studies they’ve done with controlled groups, those who had flu injections as opposed to those who did not, there’s no difference at all in those who came down with the flu, except a lot of them who had the shot came down with flu-like symptoms and often had bronchial problems.

Then we have this Guillain-Barre Syndrome to add on to it — one in 10. One in 10 people come down with this, but they’re still pushing this poison out there. For those who don’t quite get it, you should go into all of the old books going back into the 1800’s on eugenics and the eugenics agenda because it’s well underway. Well underway and don’t let your grandpa or your grandma go and get that flu shot. A government official called me up about a year ago. His mother ended up in bed in chronic care, intensive care after getting the flu shot and she had pneumonia. That’s fairly common in the elderly once they get this particular flu shot; and it’s all unproven. It’s all unproven that the shot itself will prevent the flu. That is about the only thing that you can prove with blind study tests.

We have to wake up quickly and realize that we’ve been had. We’ve all been had. It’s the same with the mercury in the inoculations that they give out there for all the other types of injections you get when you’re a child. The heavy metal of mercury is loaded up. Supposedly, it was a preservative into these vaccinations. They knew in the 1800’s when they were treating syphilis with mercury injections what it did, not only to the brain but the rest of the body. It accumulates, an accumulative type metal like all heavy metals, and it destroys the neurons in the brain. They found it was destroying them faster in the groups that got mercury treatment for syphilis and the ones who didn’t get the mercury treatment lasted longer and they had their mental faculties for years after the ones who had mercury treatment went under. Don’t tell me they don’t know what they’re doing. We’ve got to stop this trusting stuff and believing their excuses: ‘They just foul things up along the way and it was all a big mistake.’

We’ve got to throw this out the window. These guys don’t make mistakes, especially on this kind of scale. You go through even the little codings and little jokes they give us down through the years and through the generations, from pop music for the father of course, to rock music and we have the Rockefeller Foundation that was one of the first ones to push all the inoculations, and then you have heavy metal. What do you think heavy metal was all about, folks, eh?

That’s when things went really crazy and the drugs came in and society was turned upside down. Mercury you see is a heavy metal and we’ve all had our dose of it. Mercury is the patron of mercenaries and merchants. Why those particular two groups? Because they always move together, as they still are across the Middle East. Money goes along with the troops because the spoils of war are very lucrative and tempting to big army controllers. Mercury is a heavy metal. We’ve all had our shot. We’ve all got the ‘message.’ Everyone who has been born since the ’50’s has got the message.”

[Alan Watt, His Radio Program Cutting Through the Matrix, 2007]


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