“That’s the reality of the game of the world we live in, it is a matrix. It’s quite easy when you realize that when you keep people busy and you put them through war after war where they’re tired out and exhausted and they just want to have children, have families and get on with their life, how you can introduce new systems so easily until a generation or two later you have turned everything upside down and they think it’s all quite natural. You keep them busy, busy, busy. You keep them worried and they scurry around trying to survive, while the big boys run the show and give us what they call our culture. Every country in the west has a Department of Culture Creation, something they set-up during World War II and the CIA eventually took it over for America and they went into cahoots with MI6 in Britain. Both of them came out of the OSS and they had offices in the U.S. and in London and they ran the culture industry. That included music, all the visual arts and even the nihilistic type paintings to show they were more left-wing than the left-wings could be, therefore they wouldn’t join Communism. They’d join all the left wing groups that they set-up. That was the idea behind it.

Meanwhile, when everyone was fighting in the streets, Communist versus Capitalist, they were all being had, because it was the CIA and MI6 that ran the whole culture industry and both sides of it. That’s how simple it was; and the media of course was all part of it at the top. Now most in the media, as you know, or the lesser media, simply take their news from routers. I call it routers, not Reuters, because they route the news and everybody else parrots it without a problem; and you have a couple of other new services. Personally, I think they’re all one in the same to make sure all the world gets the same data or disinformation. They upgrade us every so often with new data and we get downloaded and then we parrot it, just like Zbigniew Brzezinski said, “the public shortly will be unable to think for themselves or reason for themselves. They’ll expect the media to do it for them,” and unfortunately that for most people has occurred.

They truly believe the media. The media used to come on at 6 p.m. with the news every evening across the world and they changed it to late night 10 or 11 p.m. because they found that when people are in an almost somnambulistic state, they’re tired and their shields are down. Their intellect is switched off and they’re easily programmed because they’re under that sleepy hypnotic type trance-like state. That’s why they put it on late at night. You don’t criticize what you see. You’re censor is down and it goes straight into your subconscious, and sure enough, you go to work the next day and you start parroting this trivia that the media has given you to talk about. That’s what the people will have for their conversation.”

[Alan Watt Radio Program, Cutting Through the Matrix, October 2007]


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