How did the Fabians get to America from England? A number of English Fabian Socialist Economic Professors were appointed to Harvard University’s economics faculty immediately after World War I, marking a significant change in the Fabian movement, even though certain groups had formed in the US as early as 1890. Harvard University used to be the most respected university in the nation. Many academics who work as professors at other universities attended Harvard University. They also understood that, since Harvard supplied the academics for these other institutions, taking control of Harvard would have a major effect on almost all other illustrious American

The Fabians eventually took over the Harvard University economics department. They also moved into Columbia’s School of Education. Harvard was for these other things, but Columbia was for education. The instructors at the other educational institutions across the nation were supplied by Columbia. They would eventually conquer every other school if they took over the Columbia School of Education.

Have you ever heard of John Dewey, who started at Columbia, and who came out with his theories on progressive education, that literally swept across America? No wonder he is described as an American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer and ‘one of the most prominent American scholars in the first half of the twentieth century.’

Another feat so to speak that the Fabians did in America came during the New Deal. This New Deal—what is it? Franklin D. Roosevelt greatly expanded the size of the federal bureaucracy after winning victory in 1932. They created a lot of government entities that had a lot of letters in their names, including the Agricultural Adjustment Agency. After these organizations hired bureaucrats to oversee them, all of the Fabians went on to become government bureaucrats. There must have been a shortage of college professors for a few years. Therefore, throughout the New Deal, no one was trying to stop Marxists—whether they were communist revolutionaries or Fabian Socialists—from joining the US government.

You get the impression that there were millions and millions of communists throughout the 1930s while reading American history. By the end of the 1930s, there were quite a few, along with labor unions and other organizations, but the important thing to remember was NOT how many communists there were, but rather WHERE THEY WERE. They entered the government. The New Deal exterminated all Communists, Marxist Communists, and Fabian Marxist Communists. Then, a significant event occurred.

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