Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and going through the yearly farce of the flu shot and mentioning the fact that governments will, and generally in Canada they do anyway and some parts of Europe, they disclose — after all the same government hyped it all through the winter. They’ll disclose their findings around the spring and tell you that has far as they could tell it had no effect whatsoever, so why the hype to keep it going? Is it just big business and money or is there something else behind it? because remember the old saying that Bernard Baruch used who was one of the top men who advised many presidents, one of the biggest bankers on the planet. He said ‘for everything that happens in government there’s a good reason and then there’s the real reason,’ and that’s how it is with inoculations.

You can’t take risks when you’ve read your histories, especially the histories of the powerful people who planned world government, who planned new societies, who planned new types of human slaves, and who categorized all of the groups of people on the planet into different sections, castes, classes et cetera, according to their usefulness to the system and also about culling off the excess population worldwide. You can’t read this stuff and read about the ways they talked about killing off the populations without something going on in your head to do with a big question mark. The question mark should be right above your head now looming big and tall. What on earth is all this about? How come they’re pushing inoculations to this level when their own studies in the spring always tell you it had no effect whatsoever on the disease it was suppose to prevent? There’s always a good reason and gradually, gradually the unthinkable happens.

The unthinkable is my God, they’re doing something really nasty to us intentionally and that’s where most people end up at that point. Most won’t go past that because if you read the histories and you’re shocked into reality you’ve got to reevaluate everything, everything you’ve ever believed in and everything you’ve ever been taught and everything that you know, and most folk cannot go there. Some can cross through. They go through tremendous depressions in fact as they crash through the false floor they thought was underneath them, until they find the real floor and then they’re in the matrix they can see that those around them can’t, and that’s the problem. We’ve got to start using our common sense.

Now remember that people like Arthur Koestler who, it’s now announced, did work for MI6 as a novelist as many of them did. You’ll find Blair that wrote ‘1984’ (George Orwell), also belonged to it. Many novelists belonged to MI6 and in the U.S. the top poets even and writers belonged to the CIA. It’s now declassified information. Some of them knew what they were doing. Others I’m sure didn’t, they were ideological, but others certainly knew what they were doing. Arthur Koestler who had one of the biggest egos of all of the whole group that worked for the British side of it in tandem with the CIA because they had a joint office in London. He said himself that he worked eventually for the United Nations groups on ways to lobotomize a part of the human brain on the general population — the part of the brain that gives the elite all the problems, the one that makes us all fight each other. He said we can do it chemically by introducing chemicals that will go straight to that part of the brain and destroy it, or we can actually inject it (and they tried different ways), or we can spray it from the air or put something in the water or the food, and his section was to deal with the psychological indoctrination but he worked alongside the guys who did the biochemical warfare research on it. At the end of his book he tells you this is the only way to achieve world peace; because from the elites’ point of view, they are the natural survivors. They are the ones most fit to guide planet ship earth through space and the future, while the rest of us are just junk genes and that’s where they claim the problems all arrive from is from the bottom upwards. The bottom are always squabbling and fighting and we have no manners. We’ ve got bad breeding. We’ve got junk genes and so they were talking about ways to bring us all down.

Africa was to go down quickly because they didn’t have the wealth or even the media to get out to the Western world of what was happening and the Western world was to be brought down, depopulated slowly by other means so that the public wouldn’t panic when more of them started to die off with various illnesses or cancers. What a coincidence. Cancer is now one in every two; infertility in the Western male is 75 percent lower and we’re 25 percent fertile, 75 percent sterile and the United Nations announces these statistics every year itself. It never puts any qualification on it. They just announce them, and believe you me, if it was not meant to be, there would be a crisis. They’d say it was a crisis situation. When that happens in one generation, one generation mind you, and they don’t say it’s a crisis, then it’s because it’s part of the plan and we better all wake up to this agenda.

It’s ongoing. It’s been going on all my life and what’s even more important is the experts who take over your lives like the doctors are brainwashed. First of all, you must brainwash the people who then brainwash the public and the doctors in medical school today are being taught none of the histories of cancer or the inclines of cancers over the 40 years or so. They’re taught it’s quite natural that one in two gets it.”

[Alan Watt, His Radio Program Cutting Through the Matrix, 2007]


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