Hi folks. I’m back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I don’t know if John from Texas is still on the line. Are you there, John?

John: Yes, hi Alan.

Alan: Hello.

John: Alan, I have three quick questions. They’re kind of yes and no questions. I’ll ask them real quick.

Alan: Go ahead.

John: The first question is: Is the absolute truth darker than the elite’s goal towards their Great Work? Question No. 2: Does the absolute truth have anything to do with the history and/or age of technology or level of course? The third and last question is: Does the absolute truth have anything to do with the ancient mysteries?

Alan: It’s darker than the elite themselves know. There’s no doubt about it. You’re looking at a category or a section of society which is interesting. I mentioned on a show last night that if you were to line up the old religious descriptions of people who were demonically possessed and you line up the scientific descriptions of the psychopath with their MOs, they’re both basically the same. It’s anti-human and they’re inhumane and so you definitely have a darker side to all of this at the very, very top. People who can plan wars and actually work out estimations of how many millions they’ll kill off in advance and then all shake hands and agree now it’s done, so it will be, that’s what they say at the top, “so mote it be” in their big foundations et cetera, and they go off to parties and forget all about it and have a good time. That’s not a natural human trait to have and so there’s a darker side for sure behind it. Technologically wise, you’ll find it far back as Francis Bacon’s time. That’s when the sudden rush was on towards science. The Rosicrucians or the big movement that came out of the woodworks pushed science and they all became experimenters and Francis Bacon himself died of an infection. He had toxemia because he was dissecting a chicken to find out all of its sinews et cetera and draw it all down. These guys were into science in a big way and this is the same man, remember, Francis Bacon that wrote The New Atlantis taking a play off of the old Plato’s Atlantis and he was talking about the United States. He said it would be run by a secret government in reality, but for the people they will have a form of republican democracy and that’s exactly what you have. Carroll Quigley came out in his book Tragedy & Hope and admitted that for 50 years (and this was in the 1960’s), he says for 50 years America has been run by a parallel government, and we now know who it is. It’s The Council on Foreign Relations, which is the American branch of The Royal Institute for International Affairs, and that goes all the way back to Queen Elizabeth’s I court, once again with Francis Bacon, John Dee and that little clique who came up with the idea of free trade, a global system and the British Empire. It all ties in together, so it’s pretty well yes to all of those things. However, the sciences were to be kept quiet from the public, hidden from the public, the higher sciences, and so from professorship down you’re given theories on everything and professors themselves don’t know that there’s higher levels above them. Now some of them do suspect it in fact because I’ve had professors call me and they admitted that maybe one in 50 professors will be chosen to get access to certain archives and they cannot talk about them once they’ve been shown around these archives. There are higher sciences that are kept from the public. We know the CIA has a higher level of science, a higher level of weaponry. They were using gizmos in the 50’s that could put thoughts and voices into your head from a distance, line of sight, and you could put one of these little gizmos in your pocket. Nick Begich showed that on the Canadian Broadcasting Television (CBC) and demonstrated it on the host, Wendy Mesley, and she heard music in the middle of her head; and it could have just as easily been words and then you’d be locked up as being a schizophrenic. They’ve had this higher technology. Professors at universities didn’t know about this stuff and it wasn’t declassified really until Nick Begich came along and showed us all of this equipment, which makes me wonder how Nick got a hold of it because you can’t but it at the army surplus store. That stuff had to have been not only solid-state circuitry but micro-circuitry. Meanwhile back in the ’50’s, everyone used the big tubes in their radios and televisions, these big glass tubes, and meanwhile they skipped the whole stage of transistors and all the rest of it and were actually using micro-circuitry and chips. They always keep their high sciences quiet and hidden from the public. Was there another question there?

John: I think the last one was: Does the absolute truth have anything to do with the ancient mysteries?

Alan: It is. It’s tied in the ancient mysteries and also to do with godhood. Of course there’s two versions of everything and you get the same thing with the ancient mysteries, where they talked about the whole thing was to become God or a god having power over all that your survey. The pharaohs had hymns written to themselves and they’d talk about climbing the pyramid as they marched up towards Orion, the constellation in the sky that represented them. Orion is the hunter and the pharaoh’s hymn said that ‘I have become Orion. I am a god. I own all that walks, flies or crawls or buries beneath the earth, everything is mine,‘ and that’s basically godhood from the elites’ point of view. A god is something that had the right to decide life or death to a person, and that’s what we have today. We have people that have people who literally are playing God and knowingly. They can order whole vast armies to conquer the planet. That’s happening. They’re also working towards longevity for themselves. They have broken the gene that is called ‘the time gene’ or the ‘aging gene.’ They’ve broken that. That was admitted on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation by David Suzuki, who is a geneticist and who also is one of the big players for the UN and World Wildlife Fund. He said we can make someone live to 500 years of age right now if we want to, barring accidents, and that was all he said. This was the same man who’s a eugenicist too and he said we’ve got to kill off—I can’t remember how many thousands of people per day in order to save the planet, so he’s all for this whole agenda. Whatever we’re given in the papers is either disinformation, outright lies, but it’s certainly meant to keep us all in the dark and believing that whatever the scientific magazines give us is the latest. We’re taught to believe we’re on the cutting edge. No, we’re not on the cutting edge. Everything we’re given is antique. Even the information is obsolete. Okay?

John: Yes.

Alan: Okay. Thanks for calling.

John: Thanks a lot Alan. Take care.”

[Alan Watt, His Radio Program Cutting Through the Matrix, 2007]


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