“We have all the snitch programs going on here. We have COPS (Citizens on Patrol). Every want- to-be cop who has watched television all their whole life and buys detective stories now runs around in cars with little walkie-talkies snitching on everything that looks to them suspicious. I also know some of the people who have been lifted because of these programs and almost shot by mistake because of them. One guy was going into a post office to post some chocolates to his mom and a woman was passing on patrol, COPS patrol, and she phoned in 911 and said this guy looked suspicious. He was straddled against a wall in the post office, gun at his back, the whole thing, and he was told the woman didn’t like the look of his face I guess. He just looked suspicious. He wasn’t her type. Almost killed the guy and that’s what it comes down to when you’re terrified of people around you and that’s what they want.

They want to encourage that in fact, the terror that anyone around you can turn you in for the wrong statement, the wrong thought you’ve expressed, or maybe even just the way you look. That’s a bad society and yet that’s being promoted from the top down. The new Soviet system is all here. It’s implemented with the NGO groups, the Non-Governmental Organization groups comprising the Soviet. That’s what Soviet really means: Rule by councils. Unelected councils, by the way, and funded by the big foundations like the Rockefeller Center. I know people in the Rockefeller Center who just sign checks all day for these groups. There’s hundreds and hundreds — even the UFO groups will get funded by them. That’s where they get all their money for their magazines and stuff. All the New Age stuff is funded by them as well because that keeps people off and happy in la-la land and that does them no harm whatsoever.

We’re run by the big, big foundations, the big monied boys, just like Albert Pike said we’d be. That’s what we find, that even illuminati’s top men, at least the ones that were caught in one of the lodges, like Weishaupt said. He said we shall create these foundations, multi-leveled foundations, extremely wealthy and they will then fund through philanthropy certain organizations which will become the new activists, the government activists. The governments are only too happy to pass into law what these particular groups want and that’s because the guys at the Rockefeller Center and all the other foundations are in cahoots with the politicians and they employ the heads of the NGOs.

Look into all the NGOs that belong to the United Nations. There’s hundreds of them. Some of them might surprise you. Some of them you’ll actually think were on your side, but you have to go along with the tenets, all the tenets of the United Nations to be allowed in as a member. Remember that at all times when you’re reading those lists of NGOs and that’s the world we live in. The United Nations is French for one; UN is one. We’re all going to be one you see and it’s not a benevolent organization. It’s had so much corruption stuck to it. They do great jobs, mind you, trying to get it all off. It’s like tar and needs lots of petroleum to wash it off.

During the food for oil scandal that’s been swept under the rug, where Mr. Annan was in charge of this, he was making lots of money through a corporation that was feeding food into Iraq during the time when they had the embargo on oil. Getting the oil out in exchange for the food and raking in millions of dollars, and the head of the United Nations didn’t even know his son was doing it. It was such a surprise to him. That’s how good their intelligence is at the United Nations, right? No, they’re just the same bunch of corrupt sods that run all the other countries and they had to be taken over or they’re going to take over supposedly the government of the world one day and they’re tremendously corrupt. Tremendously corrupt and all corruption at that level always hides behind the guise of doing good and charitable works. It’s just amazing how they’ve used this for thousands of years, this same scam, because it’s very hard to attack mom’s apple pie and say there is something rotten in the center. Charity works very, very, very well and good works works very well to cover up atrocities.

Now the Rwandans found this out very well. The Rwandans had that mass slaughter going on with the Hutus and the Tutsis and there was one general from Canada in there with a small contingent from Belgium, Belgium troops, to handle that whole fracas and that drove this particular general into a depression afterwards, almost suicidal, because the UN got all of these reports of the coming slaughter for weeks and weeks and weeks and nothing was done about it. It pretty well broke this man and he wrote a book about it, “Shake Hands With the Devil”. Now the man himself, the general, now that he’s recovered from his depression has joined an NGO group to work with the United Nations to try and stop future wars, so he’s actually joined the very problem that caused it in the first place. He hasn’t quite figured it out that this was intentional the Rwandans should have this big slaughter going on. They don’t make mistakes like that. They don’t make them at all like that; and believe you me, if they wanted to move masses of troops quickly they’ll do it extremely quickly. When they don’t they give you all the excuses. There’s always another reason behind it.

It’s interesting, too, that Rwanda is one of the biggest coffee producers. The last time they had that happen there the price of coffee went sky high and the big buyers and so on brought in millions of dollars until they were back on their feet because they raised coffee through the roof. There’s always a reason for things and big business has no conscience. The whole purpose of big business is to get profit. Maximize the profit by any ways and means possible. I watched a program to do with Sierra Leone and it was about the European mercenaries and British mercenaries that were over there fomenting a civil war and training the natives to fight each other, and it was all on behalf of a gold and diamond corporation based in London. The big CEO of this corporation was asked, “Why do you have the right to start wars with people who are at peace, all for the sake of money and business?” The CEO, this big guy with the three chins (they have generally three chins) looked astounded and he said, “All that wealth is sitting there and the natives are do nothing with it.” That was his excuse, like what a preposterous question to ask me. It’s business. You see it’s business and that’s how it works in this world of ours. It’s all business.

The same excuse was given by the little man in Toronto who was a purchaser for one of the big companies here that bought blood products from the U.S. during when Clinton signed the deal that prisons could sell tainted blood, and it wiped out a good portion of people in Canada who were hemophiliacs. Of course the little inquiry went nowhere and they waited about 15 years until most of them had died off before they came to the conclusions and the inquiry and the rewards. Of course, by that time, most of them were dead. That’s what they always do. Anyway, the guy I think it was Connaught Laboratories that bought all the blood products, it was on television, interviewed on the steps, went up into his doorway and he just turned around quite casually and he said the same thing. He said, “What’s wrong with it? It’s business. It’s business.” That was his answer to it all. It’s business and these little psychopaths are all over the place. It’s business — psychopaths. See they have no conscience at all. They’re not normal at all, but they’re the most aggressive and successful in this system because they run the system and the ones at the very, very top are the king psychopaths of all.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix radio program, November 2007]


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