Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix and I think we have a caller on the line. Vernon from New Hampshire, are you still there?

Vernon: Hey Alan.

Alan: Hello.

Vernon: How you doing tonight?

Alan: Not so bad.

Vernon: Okay. I’ve been listening to your show, man, you’re totally on target. I’m telling you, you have this thing like all locked down. I’m sorry about my language; this is how I usually speak. I’m trying to be individual too. But I’ve just got one comment I want to make to you what I really understand about what’s going on is like those people on the top, the elite, the guardian class, is that they fear unique individuals. They fear us and like they’re trying to get rid of us and that’s like the single biggest threat to their system, people who are going to be individual and be their true selves, know who they are deep inside and connect with the spirit part of their self, and that’s what they really fear about us. That’s why they’re trying to get rid of us.

Alan: Even the United Nations in its mandate said that they would have to destroy individuality. This has always been a prime motive that they’ve got and so you’re quite right. They fear the individual. They don’t mind the masses who are all mass-think. They do the same things and all smile at the same time and watch the same television, but the individual is what they want to extinguish.

Vernon: They’re really trying to get rid of us. They’ve been trying to do that stuff like really, really long like hundreds and thousands of years ago and it’s like they’re at that point where we possess like a serious threat for them and they’re going to do whatever they’ve got to do to get rid of us like burying the needle in the haystack.

Alan: They’ve often found in the past, this goes back to the ancient Greeks, they knew when the peasantry were getting upsy or annoyed about things or when poverty was becoming extreme and they would always have little arrangements. They’d talk about wars and get them into wars because suddenly they can get more people into the military. It takes down the population. They profit from the wars at the top and so their problem is over for a little while. That’s been the standard routine down through the ages with all countries and kings and so on and it’s still the same today. They don’t how they could possibly allow people to be free, really free and still maintain their positions over the people. It’s kind of like sheep grazing. You don’t want to move from that field when it’s happy grazing field and you get used to it, so they’ve got to keep you in constant panic and stampeding and moving along this path which they are directing and you’re quite right. Bertrand Russell said it, too, that individuality was their main target and they’d have to destroy it. We have only had really a couple of hundred years of what we could think of as individuality; but prior to that, people were the mass man once again. They knew very little, lived and worked in communities or farm communities and they went to church and the church taught they were all brothers and sisters. They taught them a formula and a culture and so they never had a chance to develop their individuality until about 200 years ago. Most people today, the mass-man, still doesn’t know how to cope with individuality. You understand that?

Vernon: Yes and what they’re really trying to do how is like they’re trying to force the tiny few that know what’s going on in the matrix and the system whatever you want to call it. They’re trying to make us follow the masses. People around you, they’re so conditioned to the system that they always try to force the few of us to try to follow what they say. “We know what’s right so you’ve all got to follow,” it’s like they’re trying to make you follow them and if you don’t follow them they’re going to snitch on you. They’re going to say “what’s up?” like you’re not a part of them.

Alan: That’s correct and they count on the general population to do it for them. This has been tried and tested in China with a form of what they call social approval and disapproval, where they’ve trained the masses to turn on someone who is different, and being different can be eating something different or even growing your own food. You’re now antisocial, or having a second child. You don’t need the military to drag off the women anymore to the abortion clinic. Your local people will do it themselves. That’s called social disapproval and we see it here now. It’s pretty well here now with the people being told to be snitches on everyone else and if you are you’re a member of a good citizenry.

Vernon: It’s getting really hard for people like me and you and those other people out there who see what’s going on. We’re trying to tell the masses, trying to help people close around us, but it’s like a fight and a useless battle with them just trying to talk. I think a lot of these people they’re asleep and we’ve just got to not even worry about them. They don’t want to wake up. They like living in the system. They don’t want to be told nothing that goes contrary to what the system tells them everyday, so me and you and other people, we seem crazy. I feel different living in this world. I feel alienated from all my friends or family. You feel different.

Alan: That’s the price you pay for truth and when people ask me for truth I always caution them. I say do you really, really want to know? I say because you’ll end up a very lonely person and that’s true. There’s a price to pay for the truth and knowledge and you have to play two different roles. One to the rest of the public or your friends or relatives just to be accepted if you still want to be and keep the peace, and yourself that goes out with the knowledge looking for people that are asking for it, so you almost have to be an actor with those that you know and you have to live with.

Vernon: Yes, but another thing I noticed, Alan, about the masses, I think that pretty soon no matter if they are your family, your friends, once they’re still inside the system, the matrix, pretty soon they’re going to start selling you out to the authorities and stuff, and say, I know this guy. He used to talk bad about the system. We’ll talk to him over there and he used to say a lot of stuff about the government and stuff like that.

Alan: I agree. I see it happening now. You’ve got to understand the majority of the public always want the sameness. They don’t want even individuality. Most of them are afraid even to think in quietness you know. They can’t stand quietness where they have to think so they keep something, some noise on all the time or they watch television, or they don’t to think for themselves. They’ve given up their ability to think and you will actually make them afraid because you’re coming out with stuff that’s not on the major media. It’s not being told to them on the comfortable media and they’ll start to be afraid of you and feel threatened in their complacency. It’s also a time you see where people don’t want to know. They are making choices. There’s something else going on in this world that’s much bigger than all of this and people are making choices right now as to what happens in the future and perhaps even to them.

Vernon: A lot of people they fear knowing what’s going around. They feel if they’ve got to entertain thoughts like that, it’s going to lead to some other type of stuff and going to start affecting their DNA and all their genetics and all that stuff. It’s going to make them start thinking and they put up a mental barrier to knowledge like that. They don’t want to know it.

Alan: Yes, that’s right. You’ll also find a lot of them I’m sure you’ll see it. Whatever comes out next for them to take or try and enhance themselves, they will run for it, just like the free flu shot. They will want it. Vernon: Anyway Alan, I’ve got your three books. I know how you stay — we’re all in the same — I’m going to send you a donation and stuff, but I’ve got your three copies of them books. I’m still reading it, so it’s nice talking to you.

Alan: Well thanks for calling.

Vernon: All right. Thank you.

Alan: Bye now. So that’s where we are folks, and yes, the masses will end up being the best friends that the elite ever had. That’s happened down through history in all times where they think they’re going to save themselves by being politically correct and being good. Good is only what the elite tell them is good and they will become good and they’ll turn on those who don’t go along. Those who even draw stares in their direction, you’ll make them afraid because you’re drawing stares from the authorities and will try and get rid of you or turn you in. That’s what happened in the Soviet Union.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, November 2007]


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