“Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I’m just winding up really. It’s a pity I’m actually winding up to go, to go and do more, but we’re at the end of the show. I’d just like to remind people that I don’t get paid for the shows I’m on. I don’t ask for money and I depend upon people to order my books and DVDs and donate to keep me going here because I have to live like everyone else, perhaps not under the same circumstances. I live in the boonies and it can be pretty rough at times, especially when the winter is coming on, so if you enjoy the stuff I’m putting out there and all the information that I’m putting out there, you can always write to me or donate some money to me and my address is on the website to keep this going. Next week I hope we go through some books with you with certain quotes, very, very important books to give you an idea into the mindsets of the types of people who run the world, the ones who are incredibly clever and scheming.

They have a natural talent and gift for it because they’re psychopathic. It’s a book about psychopaths in fact and this particular type of dominant psychopath. It’s a very interesting book I’ll be reading next week on the air. Everyone should tune in and you’ll learn a lot. You’ll learn about the signs and the symptoms and how their minds operate. You’ ll see the MOs [modus operandi] of these characters and you’ll see why they club together because they recognize each other intuitively and form their clubs, allow each other in because they’re all of the same type. No, they’re not walking crocodiles. No, they didn’t come from Sirius, and no, they’re not from Mars, just an aberrant type living within our system and many of them at the top have been inbred because certain qualities were bred out of them.

When you want a king you don’t want a lovey dovey king who’s awful nice to the people because he might let the people keep most of the goods themselves that they produce, then you won’t be living better than they are. When you want one who can be rather ferocious and nasty at times and ruthless, and that’s what they’ve got you see. Not just kings and queens, but the myriads of the helpers down the ladder, right down to even your local policeman because it takes a particular type of personality to want to be a policeman. They like to see people quiver. They get off on it. That’s part of the job. They get off on watching people being afraid of them. Those are the bully types and unfortunately we breed them too at the bottom level. That’s where they’re recruited from and there’s lots of them out there. That’s also been reinforced by all the TV shows, all the propagandic fictional shows on detectives and how conscientious they are, but in reality it’s totally different. They like to wear a gun on the hip as long as no one else does and stop your car and maybe impound it, which is stealing your car, but anything to make your squirm makes them feel very important. They get off on power. Power, power, power. What a terrible curse on the planet.

They also rake a lot of money in for the governments that now depend on all the fines. When the Toronto police went on a work strike or a work-to-rule strike the city lost thousands and thousands of dollars per day which they bring into their budgets. They expect that money to come in because crime pays. It pays a certain few, a few people, plus it pays the lawyers in the court system, so crime does pay very much, very, very well. I haven’t seen a poor lawyer. I think I hear the music coming up.”

[Alan Watt, his radio program Cutting through the Matrix, November 2007]


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