“Hi, folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, just going through or cutting through some of the incredible things that have been happening in the last 50-odd years and how society has ended up exactly where people prophesized we’d end up. People 50 years ago, 100 years ago even because they knew the agenda and as Huxley, Bertrand Russell and others have said, they could make the people go any direction they wanted to with scientific conditioning and that’s what we’ve had, scientific conditioning.

One of the main things they had to do a long time ago was to get a standardized educational system so that everyone could be taught the same indoctrinations because you take your reasoning from what you’ve been taught. You reason things out according to the data and you come to conclusions, but they knew back then that we worked just like computers. A computer has a language and a computer has a certain logic, a process it must go through, and we work the same way; so, by giving you little bits and bites of information, you use your reason and you will come to predetermined conclusions as you must. Therefore, when you give the same data to everyone under a standardized educational system, they’ll all come to the same faulty conclusions, but they’ll all think they’re right because everyone else agrees with them and that’s how simple it is. They understood this long, long, long ago. Tests were even done in certain very quiet schools 100 years ago in parts of Europe including England by scientists and they found they could rear children in an environment, a closed environment and teach them whatever they wanted and the people would believe that, the children would grow up believing it. If they told them the earth was flat outside they’d believe it. If they told them they’d fall off the edge if they went outside the house or the planet, they’d believe that too. You can make people believe anything in a closed environment.

The next part is to get the whole world into this closed environment and you do it simply by giving them all the same type of education from kindergarten onwards. Bertrand Russell who was one of the biggest players we’ve had that came out publicly with a lot of information and who was all for it of course. He was an old aristocrat from a very, very old family in Britain. He was groomed for the diplomatic service but he ended up being a type of philosopher and mathematician. He thought that through mathematics they could literally rule the mind. It’s interesting we’ve gone all the way to the brain chip which works on the binary code and you think this is all just coincidence. Russell didn’t dream it up himself. He worked for the Tavistock Institute amongst other big institutions that had lots of data on humanity. We’re the most studied species on the whole planet. They knew they could pull this off step by step because our lives really are fairly short and through foundations and institutions which can last for hundreds of years and have their own mandates, they knew they could simply carry it on intergenerationally and the public who lived in between would never suspect. They’d live and die never knowing that their whole lives and the major events in them were actually planned that way.

We take everything for granted. We think a fashion industry just spontaneously comes out with the latest gear and we wear it and somehow it’s ours. In fact, it’s promoted that way. Back in the ’60’s suddenly the blue jeans all became popular, pushed again because all the rock stars wore them and it’s quite amazing how we emulate what we’re given. We become what we’re given in fact. They say that perception becomes reality, and the advertising industry has taken over our reality for us. We’re taught that you buy things because it’s all to do with the material world. You buy things and they just make you happy. You have instant orgasms when you brush your teeth with this particular toothpaste or this brush and of course it’s all lies. Whatever problems we have can only be dealt with inside our own minds, not with what we get from outside. The advertising industry is there to completely alter your perceptions and give you placebos basically, very expensive placebos too.

Russell said they’ve have to take the advertising industry onboard in this quest to dominate the minds of the public; and sure enough, they combined forces back in the 1940’s and ’50’s and here we are today. Most folk can’t tell fact from fiction and how they do it is they aim the next part of the culture at kindergarten. They take children that have been inducted this year and they will give them certain little ideas. It’s called predictive programming, again, little stories they give them and based with emotion. ‘What would you think of person who did this? Would you like them, despise them?’ Then they make you feel really bad and guilty. When that person grows up in 40 years time, they’ll change laws and rules and the people adapt to them very quickly. There will be no prejudice or whatever because they’ve been brainwashed since birth and that’s how simply it works. You have to get the speeches of Beria who worked for the Secret Police of the NK VD back in the 1930’s and he gave speeches to the Comintern, international communists committees, open speeches that were published. He talked in 1933 I think it was about the ability at that time to upgrade the culture every seven years through scientific indoctrination. In other words, put into the youngsters major possibilities of particular changes so that when they came along in their lifetime they would think it was all natural.”

[Alan Watt’s radio programme, Cutting Through the Matrix, October 2007]


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