“If you look especially at the U.S., they’ve been more open about it1 because they’ve had ongoing wars since World War II. Even when we hear the terms wars on drugs, wars on poverty, wars on — this comes from presidents. They mean what they say. They’re putting something into law. The big police armies that have been built up all across the western world have been built up under the guise of fighting drugs primarily, which is the biggest joke of all because the drug industry has been tied in forever with the secret services and even prior to what we know as the secret services, the elites had their own in Britain in fact in the 17 and 1800’s.

When they flooded China with the opium and the opium wars you found that even the agencies that worked for the diplomatic service for England were in charge of it and distribution of it. They haven’t changed. They simply mutated into MI6 and special sections of MI6, the rest of them don’t know, and the same in the CIA and they flood the world with drugs. Marseille is where all heroin is processed, always has been processed. If you look at all the riots they’ve had in France to do with immigration and all the rest of it, you’ll never find that Marseille gets bothered. It’s always nice and quiet there. Both sides make sure that it’s nice and quiet because the drugs must go through. They made movies years ago about that and it was called The French Connection and there was The French Connection 1 and 2. They went into that in pretty good detail. It’s very hard to get the second one today. It seems to have disappeared from most of the shelves. However, that’s a fact, everyone knows in the drug trade that the big boys at the top are involved in the pushing of drugs.

When you go into the writings of Huxley and others and even prior to him you’ll find that Aleister Crowley that was sent out from the regular freemasonry to start up another branch to get the young ones and the teenagers the rock industry into it, the music industry, the acting industry into their own branch of freemasonry. They also coupled it with drugs and that was his job, to try and encourage people to try altered states. They have never stopped that trick today. They’re still pushing the same thing, altered states of consciousness, because they decided that drugs would be one of the best ways to defeat the intelligence and the intellect of the general public; and unfortunately, the stuff that they’ve been pushing has worked on them an awful lot.

During the hippy era of the 60’s, you’ll find that most of the LSD that was first dumped in America and Canada and Britain and elsewhere was being thrown over university walls in garbage bags. There was garbage bags full of them from limousines, big limos and these were made by the big drug industries to get the whole thing going. There’s nothing better to do — when you want to control people and do nefarious stuff to them or take rights away or change society or change the culture, you don’t want them thinking too straight. You want them to be happy like children in a childish state doing childish things and that’s exactly what they did. They were told to be happy, make peace, make love, not war and just have a good old time to themselves and we saw the effects of that through society. Professor Quigley said himself ‘the purpose of war primarily is to change society‘ because all conflicting sides change. The societies change because the government takes over so many roles and that’s what we’ve seen through all these wars. Wars on poverty, there’s just as many poor if not more today. The UN claims there is more and they say there is a growing gulf between the rich and the poor and there has been for 25, 30 years and it’s getting bigger all the time.

Let’s go back to freemasonry for a second here. You’ll find that the Pope of Freemasonry, Mr. Pike said himself one of the tenants of their whole mission was to destroy private property and to destroy the family unit as it was known. The Communist Manifesto took over from that and basically pushed on that too. Then we find out in recently declassified documents from MI6 and the CIA, they ran the culture industry in the Western World including Britain and the U.S. as well. They ran the left-wing movements. They funded the artists, the mainstream artists with their nihilistic paintings that drove a lot to suicide just looking at them they were so awful and they ran the whole culture industry. They pushed certain types of entertainment and I’ve no doubt too they also pushed the whole drug scene as well because the culture that existed at that time prior to the Cold War and the culture we have today are worlds apart. Not only worlds apart, we’ve ended up exactly where not only the Communist Manifesto wanted us to be, but where obviously those that funded the Communist side all together because Communism did not come from Russia. It didn’t come from Karl Marx. It originated in London and it was pushed and funded by the big bankers. They’re in cahoots with what’s called The Establishment and The Establishment happens to be the old aristocracy that have run Britain for 1,000 years. Their cousins also run the other countries of Europe and are still well in control.”

[Alan Watt, Radio Programme, Cutting Through the Matrix, October 2007]

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