Now I think we’ve got Rick from California on the line. Are you there, Rick?

Rick: Hi Alan. It’s good to talk to you. The reason why I’m calling is because you mentioned the California fires and I had to call in because I’m living in the areas affected and I wanted to share a couple of things about it. Can I do that?

Alan: Sure, go ahead.

Rick: I was noticing there have been lots of protest flyers out in the preceding weeks about Blackwater, stop Blackwater, and I didn’t go out there because I don’t have a vehicle but it’s in this little town called Potrero. Then when the fire broke out, the first fire, it was on the border, it was on Potrero. I kind of laughed and I said to people you know it’s kind of funny that the fire began right where Blackwater was supposed to be, it’s probably a cheap way to clear the land and I was saying and people did say to me, oh you’re being paranoid.

Alan: It’s all coincidence, isn’t it? They live in coincidence theories.

Rick: I also wanted to mention that the fire is a disaster area. There were thousands of upper class people being evacuated and many people came to bring food and clothes to the stadium. It was just like New Orleans and the National Guard was here and FEMA was here and George Bush came and Chertoff, Homeland Security came to my city. I find it also kind of funny that it happened right the next week after this top-off drill in Portland.

Alan: Yes, another coincidence. You know in a court of law, this is what’s interesting. Taking it for granted that the guilty never admit they’re guilty, you come to conclusions in a court of law by the preponderance of evidence and everything stacks up every time against the authorities and yet we still go around chewing the grass and not looking up. It’s quite amazing how we’ve been trained not to use our own reasoning anymore. If it walks like duck and quacks like a duck and certainly if these coincidences always fall in favor of what they want, you know darn well they’re doing it. Rick: I also want to mention that of course the news came out and they were looking through things to blame and all of them are lower class — it could be the migrant workers burning fires, smokers throwing cigarettes. The first thing I thought was I wonder what laws they’re going to come up with as a result of this fire.

Alan: It’s interesting there was Dr. Day years ago after being at top meetings and he said that the agenda was to eventually get everyone out of the coastal areas especially — they don’t want people living around coastal areas in this New World Order (or rural areas). They said they would use fires and they’d burn them out, and that was back in the 1960’s I think it was.

Rick: Why coastal areas? I never heard that before. That’s interesting. Why coastal areas?

Alan: I think that part of it is that in coastal areas people can jump in little boats and get away or do what they want and smuggle or survive basically. I think that’s part of it. They want everyone and I’ve no doubt too the elite eventually one day with a much-reduced population want the worker bees all inside where they have the coast to themselves to go sunbathing and playing themselves.*

Rick: Okay. Thank you very much Alan. I just wanted to share that with you. Have a nice day.

Alan: Thanks for calling in. That’s true enough. The residents there have had petitions up and they hoped, they were actually raising up this new petition for the election that’s coming in November. I guess it’s their local election to get them out and reverse this decision, and bang, within a week and a half they’re burned out of their homes just like that and Blackwater gets its way. What gets me is — Blackwater is going to be a new private army, eventually it will blossom and be a world army. They used to call the Blackwater ‘the underground stream’ in the occult in masonry and the Rosicrucians called it that too. Water underground would appear black you see, so they called it Blackwater and it’s the underground stream. Here they are using the very terms and all the rest of it, and the people again just go on chewing their cud and accepting this mercenary army is going to be based in California. These guys are killers for hire. That’s their profession — killing, not handing out bread or pretending they’re from the UN and there’s a lot of pretense there too, but actually killing for hire and they have only one master and that’s their paymaster. They’re not responsible to any Geneva Convention or anyone else or any international laws because they’re private. They’re privately owned and that should get us all terrified that this is happening.

In days of old, they had the Praetorian Guard to go round Caesar to make sure — that was his own henchmen. That was his private army that would stand by him through thick and thin, and yet here we have the same thing happening here. It’s going to blossom on to a world scale and we’re all going to be booted around by private armies, just like these creeps in Star Wars, the faceless one that you saw, the numerous numbers of them. They were just bodies for hire. That’s what’s coming here and I always find it interesting in the U.S. that it was the first country that was openly freemasonic from its very beginning, you might say from its foundation and all of its insignia and emblems and so on and a lot of the speeches of the founding fathers. They said that they’d modeled it after Ancient Rome, looked around at all the systems that preexisted theirs and they came up with Rome. Who on earth would want to emulate Rome that was an empire and Rome lived off of the backs of every country that it conquered. That’s what it did. It was really a fascist type state, yet here they are with a private army and so should we really be surprised?

What is surprising as always to those that think is that most folk don’t think at all. They’re not even concerned about it. I don’t think much would concern most people, to be honest with you, anymore. They accept everything that comes along and there’s a lot worst to come. There’s not doubt about it. The whole agenda for Agenda 21, the United Nations Agenda 21, the agenda for the 21st century, is all coming down. If you look even into the map there they have for Agenda 21 and all the areas that have to be re-wilded and all the rest of it, lo and behold, right where that fire was, there’s Blackwater’s military base right there on their on their map. Have a look into that, and that was done a long time ago. Nothing happens by chance. Nothing happens spontaneously. Everything that happens is planned that way on a major scale and that’s how you keep control of the world. That’s how you guide the direction of the world and here we are. We’re going right through it.”

*My sidenote: Do you remember the wildfires in Lahaina, Maui last year? After reading the above statement from Alan Watt, a giant of a man, are you surprised?

[Alan Watt, Radio Programme Cutting through the Matrix, October 2007]

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