“This is Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix. I was talking about Beria, the head of the Secret Police in the NKVD era of the Soviet Union, when he talked about the ability to literally indoctrinate and change culture and upgrade it every seven years by intakes of seven years between children, intakes basically, and how they could put new ideas. Therefore everything that they had experienced in their life would be programmed from an early age and the intake that would come the following year would be a little bit ahead of the last lot and so on. That’s how you literally do it and it’s been the same in the West as well. It never dawned on us that we were going through exactly the same process as the Soviet Union. I used to wonder about that myself when I was young, because I thought if this was war, as they kept telling us, a war where science and technology would win, those were the best technology and weaponry would win, why would they have meetings between all your top scientists from the U.S., Britain, Europe and the Soviets every year? These would be the last people you’d put together for goodness sake, supposedly, when spies were turned as they say and all of that kind of thing. It made no sense at all, until you clued in and realized, no, this was a fake war where both sides were being taxed. One side was using mainly its muscle. The other side was using its money, but you were getting taxed to get high technologies in a war time situation where no one really complained. That’s what wars are also for.

You don’t complain when most of your labor is being taken back off you in taxes to keep you safe. They were using all of this money to do high technology and also funding big scientific institutions that studied human nature and psychology and behavioral psychology. They were sharing all this information between the two sides at the top, because, as I say, the war is really on the people, always has been on the people and the people don’t know it.

It’s interesting even in the movie to do with the Skull and Bones movie, I think it was called Bones, the first one they put out there, they even showed you they had a place called the War Room and War Room was written on the wall. That’s what it’s all about because they’re job supposedly to all of us profane ones, all of us in the darkness, is to enlighten us and if we can’t be enlightened, then they must rule us like sheep and train us and use us too. They have no problem in using us. That’s what the profane really are for, according to the higher freemasons.”

[Alan Watt from his Radio Program Cutting through the Matrix, October 2007]


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