“Alan: Now I think we have Andrew from North Vancouver. Hello, Andrew?

Andrew: I have something to say about Warren Buffett from the previous caller. I’m reading this book called “The Committee of 300” by Dr. John Coleman, and Warren Buffett apparently is one of the 300 most powerful people in the world because at the end of this book there’s a list of all the people and Warren Buffet is there.

Alan: I wouldn’t be surprised. As I say, these guys are lifers and they’ve always been up there. You always find that with the lifers in politics, they’re more than just gifted or charmed people. They have certain protection. They’ve always got a high position, like Al Gore too. Al Gore has always been kept around the background getting odd jobs here and there. He’s a walking allegory, that’s why I call him Al Gore. Then they give them a position which they probably decided they’d give them 10, 15 years ago. These guys have their lives mapped out for them: what they’re going to be, the different positions they’ll hold, the years they will hold them, just like a horoscope. That’s how the world is run because we’re going by 10, 15 year phases. They call them plans at the United Nations and they follow these plans.”

[Alan Watt, his radio programme Cutting Through the Matrix, October 2007]


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