The United Nations was set up to eliminate national sovereignty

“We live in a very complex system, scientifically created a long time ago, well understood. They have departments above governments who run the real show and Professor Carroll Quigley once again talked about that in his book ‘Tragedy & Hope.’ He should know. He was the historian for The Council on Foreign Relations and he thought it was a great idea to take over the world and create a single culture. He also thought it was time for the public to know. He thought they wouldn’t mind and maybe he was right. Maybe most of them wouldn’t mind, to be honest with you. He said the same thing, he said that for 50 years (and this was printed in the 1960’s) the United States has had a parallel government running it, and that’s when he went on to say, it’s not important about the lesser politicians, it’s only important that we always put our own man in at the top with a coterie of advisers around them. That has actually happened.

There’s 50 years prior to the 1960’s and it’s admitted by the official historian for The Council on Foreign Relations, which is only the American branch of The Royal Institute for International Affairs. Every British Commonwealth country has its department of International Affairs. They’re non-governmental organizations. They started off in Britain in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s from the Cecil Rhodes Foundation that was given an official charter by the Crown (the Crown is the aristocracy), and they merged it with Lord Alfred Milner group for the Round Table Society, the debating societies, put them together and the idea was to push the one system based in London across the whole planet. If you wonder where Karl Marx came up with his idea of a three trading bloc planet in the 1800’s, it was from the same predecessors that formed these societies. They all knew the agenda in the 1800’s. They would turn the world into three main trading blocs, with a United Europe to lead off the show, followed by a United Americas, and then followed by the Pacific Rim area and region. That’s come to pass in our own lifetime. It’s underway right now for the rest of the two main continents and the public have no input in it whatsoever and it’s never mentioned at general election times either. They always bring you back to the basics: Welfare, healthcare, pensions and so on. That’s what they keep you focused on, but they never bring up the fact that you’re losing your sovereignty and yet that’s what the United Nations was set up to do in the first place. It was set up to eliminate national sovereignty. That was the whole point of the United Nations. Its precursor, the baby that started it all was the League of Nations and even in its mandate they published the same thing.

H.G. Wells wrote about it. He says, ‘technically, this is the end of national sovereignty with the League of Nations because the politicians are bypassed with bureaucratic officials who can now go right across to any country and talk to their counterparts in other nations.‘ It was to bypass politics all together. That was the purpose of it. However, it was reinforced with The Royal Institute for International Affairs taking over. Most of the big media characters you’ll ever hear of or see are members of The Council on Foreign Relations or in Britain, The Royal Institute for International Affairs. In Canada, it’s The Canadian Institute for International Affairs. It sounds very official, like the Federal Express, but it’s not. It’s a non-governmental organization and if you read any of their books that they publish from these meetings — and they do publish two sets, one for the members and one for the public if you want it — it states right on the front cover or the second page it will tell you this is a private non- political organization. They’re telling the truth, they’re non-political. To the average person, you’ll think that everything they talk about is politics but it’s not. They talk about an agenda, as opposed to the bickering of politics. They follow an agenda. That’s what it’s all about. An agenda is simply a plan and they make the plan happen. Their job is to put it into your mind through predictive programming through media, through repetition, which is the best tool of all, and even through the various dramas that you see, the movies that you see, you’re actually being programmed with new ideas of things that will come to pass in your own lifetime. You’ll accept them just like the characters in the movie accept those particular situations without thinking. We live in a very multi-dimensional world indeed.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix, 2007]

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