A number of Marxist parties emerged in Europe towards the end of the 20th century, and they became embroiled in a philosophical dispute among themselves over whether communism could be introduced into a nation without first requiring a revolution or whether it could be introduced via electoral processes or natural evolution.

There may be a case made for the existence of two categories of people: those who employ violence and those who do not. Many of the professors were devout Marxists who backed the creation of a socialist society, but many were repulsed by the idea of blood in the streets. These people thought of another way to make it happen because they were kind of stylish.

This view was particularly popular in England, as several thinkers believed it would be hard to carry out an armed revolution within English borders. And instead of arming themselves and staffing the barricades, they thought that the only realistic course was to vote their way towards a Communist state in England. Consequently, in 1894, they founded “The Fabian Socialist Society” in England.

One of the most prominent individuals in the Fabian Socialist Society is a world-famous playwright, who you might have heard of, and certainly by the time you finish your education, you will have heard of. He is George Bernard Shaw. George Bernard Shaw made the statement and I quote: ‘As a founder of the Fabian Socialist Society, I am basically a Marxist Communist.’ You might say that he is being pretty blunt about it. But these people said that they don’t want a revolution, but they want to do it slowly. They wanted to do it through the electoral process.

Are you aware of the play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw? This was later made into a major stage play and movie under the name of My Fair Lady which is quite entertaining. If you have ever watched it, did you spot the commie line in it? My Fair Lady is about a professor who takes a girl out of the slums, retrains her, and passes her off as a princess. The whole theory behind this is that if you change the environment, you change the individual. So, there is a communist message in it.

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