The majority of advertising revolves around vehicles, food, medicine, travel, and shopping. Why? Because watching TV throws you into a trance and causes your subconscious to absorb everything that appears on the screen.

The idea that natural health techniques and the belief that your immune system is strong enough are now commonly associated with conspiracy theories baffles me. That is the extent of the lies peddled by the pharmaceutical business.

It baffles me how nothing in this matrix prison is ‘free’ and everything we need, we must pay for. Yet here come vaccines, which are given to you for ‘free’.

How do you recognize a slave system? The minute you are born, you become a property of the State and of the Pharmaceutical Industries. Then you do a minimum of sixteen years of compulsory schooling. Then you graduate from college or university, and then you buy property with a lifetime of debt. Then you work until you die.

This world is upside down. The truth has been perverted into a lie; those who abuse others are painted as the victims, and everyone who speaks the truth is painted as the villain. It is crucial that you do not allow people who are still asleep to silence you if you have ever received threats for voicing the truth.

If the deceased had received several experimental injections in the year prior to his death, it is not an inexplicable death.

Although they can save our lives in emergencies and other instances, doctors aren’t very adept at keeping us healthy. All of this is our responsibility: what and how much we eat, how much sleep we get, how much sunshine we get, not stressing…Accept accountability for your own well-being.

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