“Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt back again with Cutting Through the Matrix. I’m going through some of the histories of this old world and how the money took over from barter basically and the money boys ended up being the bosses and with that came a leisure class. The leisure class wants to maintain itself and so they hired the brightest amongst them or around them to be advisers to study the populations, to manage the populations and they also ensured they had a good religion that gave them the rules, the rules to follow for obedience primarily. Once in a while these city- states would have wars amongst themselves because the guys at the top were different. They were different from those they ruled over. They were different in that they had certain tendencies, the inability really to bond with people naturally or have empathy. Today we call them psychopaths and these psychopaths that got to the top through cunning and guile and even murder. It was no problem. They killed their parents when necessary. That shows you the types that they were, where they couldn’t even bond with their own families.

They got to the top and they interbred pretty well in all the Ancient World because they always got to the top using the same monied system. Interbred and eventually intermarried each other. Kings and queens would marry from different countries and the princes and princesses and they marry their cousins and so on. This went right down through the centuries and if you follow the histories of Europe and all of the internal strife mainly between England and France and a few other countries in Europe, you’ll find really it was centuries of kings fighting other kings in other countries who were their cousins. Generally these kings never took part in the battles themselves or they were at the rear if they wouldn’t go anywhere near it, but they profited from it and they also kept the populations down. They discussed these facts with themselves too because they found out that when they were at war that the populace were much more obedient, less likely to grumble and they’d actually cough up more in taxation. They could even take their pigs and their chickens and their hens from them to feed the armies with less grumbling, and this went on down through the centuries up until the present day.

These characters knew in the 1800’s for instance — they actually knew in the 1700’s that the time would come because they have all these advisers. As I say, they always hire advisers to keep the pulse of the populace to know what’s going on so they can keep on top of things, but they always did studies. Today we call them “gathering statistical data” but they’ve always done this. They knew the time would come when they’d all be fighting for a global system and they realized too the fastest way to create changes towards something is to direct opposing forces; and if you don’t have opposing forces you create them. You have conflict creation and out of the conflict you have resolution or synthesis, same thing.

The public who go through all of these wars and the depressions that are caused and all the rest of it never catch on because the rulers make sure that their top universities publish the histories. Therefore, the winners always write the histories in a very flowery fashion and they always give you very good reasons for having these wars but never the real reasons. It was always an amazement to me to find that Britain for instance went into World War II under the guise of speeches to save your culture and your freedoms and your way of life, which really wasn’t far removed at that time from the old feudal system. There was still an upper elite that everyone knew ran the country, even though you had this strange thing called voting that was fairly recent from the World War I. When Britain emerged from World War II they were a nationalist socialist country because the government had taken over all of the functions, all of the main what we call infrastructure of society. That’s your farming. That’s your industry. That’s your transportation. They had taken all of this over and created massive bureaucracies to deal with it.

They went into the war to fight supposedly national socialism, which was Natziism, and came out of the war as a national socialist country at least on the outside, but in reality the top clique at the top, Winston Churchill and others and it’s now been disclosed by his personal secretary during World War II who is now a Sir I believe. It’s called “The Fringes of Power,” the book, you should read it. It’s about the memoirs and the notes he took while he was the secretary with Winston Churchill and how Churchill told the public to go off and save their way of life, their culture and so on, and at parties at night he was telling his own peer group as he go happily sozzled, which was pretty well every night, that this is the greatest thing that had ever happened to Britain because they, the elite themselves, would have their age long dream of a United Europe.

Now a United Europe obviously meant you were going to lose your culture and your way of life et cetera, but these characters have no problem of lying to the general populace whom they really see as dumb stupid animals. However, nothing has happened since then. At that time, this particular clique signed a deal to de-industrialize Britain and other countries of Europe and eventually to bring in the system they have now. Britain was the first country to approach France and together they worked on the integration of Europe, all quietly all through lies and deception.

They lied to the public for almost 50 years and now they’ve declassified the documentation from the British government admitting all of this; and at the end, it said that the public must not be told anything of this or the truth until it’s all completed; and the same thing was to happen to the Americas.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, November 2007]


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