“There’s a book people should really try and get their hands on and it’s called ‘Political Ponerology’. 1 don’t know if I hear music or not. I guess I do, so the break is coming up. I’ll be back with this book after the following messages.

Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and discussing a book which people should get a hold of. It’s probably the first book where scientists, people who have gone into psychology who have lived through tyrannies pondered the problem of psychopathy and noticed that all of those main characters at the top in the present day and down through history have all the psychopathic traits. The book is called ‘Political Ponerology’ and the author is Andrew M. Lobaczewsk1i.

This is an excellent book. It’s written obviously from someone who is truly searching. Sometimes he goes off too much into the psychological aspects and even the physical aspects of possible brain defects, which still is mainly theoretical, but at least all the signs and the symptoms are in this particular book. The ISBN # is: 1-897244-18-5. Excellent book written initially by a fellow who came out of the Soviet system, who had some persecution in his life there and whose fellows have been persecuted for trying to get to the bottom of why the leaders in all idealistic systems end up at the top after a very short time as being all comprised of psychopaths. The same MO. ‘Poneros’ is the Greek term. That’s where they got the name ‘poneros’ for evil and ‘ology’ for doctrine or science.

Ponerology is the name of the book. It’s probably the first one to really go in to this in any depth and tie a lot together and put it across in such a way that the average person can try and understand how these people are different from ourselves. He also accepts the fact that I’ve said for many years those who are psychopathic cannot but help get to the top in this particular system, since it’s a system that was designed by psychopaths for psychopaths in the very first place. Winners and losers, those who claw their way up in guile and con their way up and destroy lives in the process without conscience are called ‘successful’. You’ll see lots of it in the business world and this author goes through a lot of that and how this is their actual system we’re living in and how they always get to a stage where they come to fear the people and they want to depopulate. They’ve got examples of that down through history. He goes into it in a little detail anyway. Try and get that book.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, November 2007]


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