“There was no one ridiculed, rejected, persecuted like Jesus Christ. If you say, ‘People went against me, that’s why I was disheartened, I was heart broken, because people hated me, despised me, and ridiculed me, and that’s why God I couldn’t follow in your footprints, because of people around me were so judgmental and so mean and cruel to me,’ Jesus will say, ‘I had the whole world going against me. It wasn’t just the next door neighbour. I had kings, and high priests, all putting a plot to get rid of me. Wherever I went, at government levels, I faced persecutions. King Herod came all the way after me to Egypt to kill me’. No one was persecuted more than Jesus Christ. No one suffered more than Jesus Christ. When it comes to the Lord, we don’t have an excuse as humans because He became a human like us. That’s why it is only fair, for the Son of Man to judge the whole world, because it is a fair case. He became a human under the law and open to trials and temptations like any other human being.

That’s why God gave this book of judgment, revelation to the Son of Man of the Son of God. The Son of God is God, but to the Son of Man, Jesus of Nazareth. And then the Lord Jesus was to show it to His servants. Who are His servants? His servants are His children, are the sons. Who are the sons? Every baptized soul is the child of God. But why in here is He referring to those baptized souls who became through holy baptism, as children to God. Why is He referring to them as servants, rather than not sons? For one reason, and a very, very profound reason.

You see, when it comes to Jesus Christ, our relationship with Him, our connection with Him, is based on love. He is daddy and we are His children. He is the father and I am His son. I am the son and He is my daddy. This relationship is built on love because if there is no love between the father and the son, I just wonder what kind of a relationship is it. Since there is love, then I come and see what this daddy has done for me. He is my father, and He is worthy of every service I provide for Him and every worship I give to Him. But this father humbled himself and gave all the service to every child of His. In that return of love, the son has to give back that love and serve his dad as well. A son, as a son only, is precious in the eyes of his dad, but, when the son comes back, and serves his dad, and becomes the servant of his dad, then the son is much more precious than just a son, when he becomes a servant. ‘Dad, I love You. Just like You served me, I’m coming today, bowing before You, and I’m asking You, allow me Lord, through Your grace and mercy, to serve You as Your own son.’ When the son serves the father, the son now is much more precious in the eyes of the father than just being a son and son only. You see, when you’re a son, and you don’t respect dad, and you don’t work for dad, and you don’t support dad, and you don’t value dad, dad will still love you because you are his son. But how much more dad will appreciate you and say, ‘Dad, what would you like your son to do for you?’ Here, when I asked my dad, what would you like me to do for you, I have become the servant. In here, I’ve given a much greater place for my position. Son, being a servant. So, in this servantry as a son, is greater than being just a son only. I hope you are following me.

Things, which must shortly take place – Jesus Christ is revealing His book, His message, His information, to His baptized souls, those who accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. He came to reveal to them. He will not reveal to the world what He’s going to do because the world rejected Him. The world did not want Him. The world crucified Him. But for those who accepted Him, He gave them His own secrets of the kingdom. He is revealing to His own children.

And so, God gave this book to Jesus Christ, because God will not judge and the Book of Revelation is a book of judgment and therefore the Son of Man is the only one who qualifies to judge. Even our Muslim brothers in their book they say that Jesus Christ, in their way, which I must say that Jesus in their book is not the same Jesus in the Holy Bible. However, they claim that Isa, went up to heaven alive. He never died. He was never crucified. But look at this. It’s amazing – the Muslims what they think of Jesus. He went up to heaven alive. He will come back in the end to judge the living and the dead, to judge everyone. Wow. Man, if He was just a prophet, I just wonder. What kind of a prophet is this, taking the place of God? I just wonder.

Jesus Christ, as the Son of Man, will judge everyone. Everyone. But to His children, He is sending warnings. He’s revealing things before they happen. Why? Because they are His children. Daddy will them everything before he does anything. But the master will not tell his servant or his slave what he’s about to do. But the father will tell the son. Why? Because the son has everything that the father has. Everything that is the father’s, is the son’s. The son inherits daddy – the kingdom, the house, the throne, everything that is the father’s, is the son’s. That’s why Jesus says, ‘Whatever is mine, is yours.’ Therefore I will tell you before I do anything since you are my own children.”

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