You have to remember that everything that you were taught to believe as true and factual, including history books, came from the makers of history and history’s greatest controllers and liars.

Zelensky stole $400 million from the US and then purchased fuel from Russia, yet we are meant to think that Russia and Ukraine are at war.

According to a statistic, only 30–50% of people engage in internal discourse. This means that half of the people out there have nothing going on in their minds or hearts. Frightening, isn’t it?

The term ‘conspiracy theory’ is employed to stifle critical thought by instilling a fear of contempt. It is a mind-control method. This isn’t what journalism is. The illusion of being an expert with the ability to “fact check” for you implies that you are incapable of thinking for yourself and must be told what to believe.

Governments, and authorities are not to be trusted because they lie and mislead. No one government or one politician has apologised for how they treated the public during the pandemic. Not one of them has lived up to the mistakes they have made. And not one of them has been honest, up until this day.

Big Pharma makes trillions of money, and not a single penny is spent on improving your health. And you still trust it with your health?

Perhaps the lack of education in our schools regarding personality disorders, psychopaths, and sociopaths stems from the fact that many of the individuals in charge of our governments suffer from these diseases. Because most people are still too innocent and credulous to recognise this, they instinctively trust the government just because it exists.

For as long as people believe that minute particles, rather than internal and external environmental variables, are the source of our illnesses, they will remain helpless victims of the propaganda and pharmaceutical products that the world’s deceivers impose upon us.

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