Consider the scenario where a product is released and fails to fulfil its stated functionality. and then assigning blame for the problem to those who didn’t buy the aforementioned product. while informing the purchasers that they needed to repurchase it every few months. Now do Covid-19 vaccines.

We’ve all undoubtedly discovered that most people like to live in constant terror. In fact, they find it enjoyable. They become upset with you if you provide them with any information that would challenge their fear bubble, give them hope, or lessen their anxiety. It is really strange.

They have been creating distractions one after the other until they manage to accomplish their main objective. In other words, whatever distraction you’re experiencing right now is really a distraction from the real one—the fresh distraction that will take your mind off the real distraction.

The purpose of survival mode is to be a transitory state, not a constant state. Therefore, you are not unmotivated, stuck, or lazy. You’re worn out after living your life in survival mode for years. A significant disparity exists.

Thus, for millions of years, we experienced sunlight, and we survived just fine. After the invention of sunscreen in the 1930s, melanoma cases suddenly began to rise in the 1950s. So the sun is to blame?

In nature, everything aims to face the sun. Flowers face in its direction. Plants open up to embrace it. It draws animals out to graze. Water takes it in by reflecting. Fruits mature to indicate it. Then you get humans applying toxics to their skin to block the sun from their skin. Go and figure it out!

Let us solve a nice riddle: While people are wearing more sunscreen and getting exponentially less sun exposure, the risk of skin cancer is rising.

Nestle promoted infant formula over breast milk in the 1970s, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children in poor nations. The idiots at Nestle, who relentlessly promoted infant formula over breast milk, were solely responsible for the decline in global immunity and IQ.

The Great Reset is the process by which unelected psychopaths purposefully cause turmoil in order to reconstruct the world in their own twisted vision.

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