“Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about the psychopathic types, just scratching the surface here about the psychopaths who run the system that we were born into and they control it at the top. They love pulling it over on people. Here’s a little quote from this book here talking about the business world itself at the top:

Concern here is that the costume for the new masked sanity of a psychopath is just as likely to be a three-piece suit as a ski mask and a gun. As Harrington says, ‘We also have the psychopath in respectable circles, no longer assumed to be a loser.’ He quotes William Krasner as saying, ‘They – psychopath and part psychopath do well in the more unscrupulous types of sales work because they take such delight in ‘putting it over on them’…’

Actually, they like hunting. They’re predators.

‘_..getting away with it – and have so little conscience about defrauding their customers. Our society is fast becoming more materialistic, and success at any cost is the credo of many businessmen. The typical psychopath thrives…”

They thrive.

‘…in this kind of environment and is seen as a business ‘hero’.

That’s what we have today. It’s the same with these characters, these family dynasties the people keep voting in. It’s often that’s all that’s presented to you and even you’ll find that oppositions are generally related to them too, including the wives. They’re all interbred. These are the monied powered elite who now lead you into the New World Order, this new system and they’ve taken such a long time in the planning. They’ve taken control over everything that you’ve taken as normal, your schooling system, education system, national education, which is an international education system. Everyone is getting the same propaganda culture pumped in them from birth. UNESCO talked about this. I quoted it last week from the man who is the first CEO of UNESCO and that happened to be Aldous Huxley’s brother, top eugenicist and he talked about the ability to control the minds of billions of people through a common education. Education doesn’t mean you’re given the truth. You’re given a scientific indoctrination so you’ll perceive the world in a specific way.

When they went into Iraq the first group that went in once the whole area was cleared was UNESCO to get the first generation trained to get the youngsters. Train them in a different system and they will grow up to be the leaders in a democratic — we know what democratic means now. We’re all living under it as we use our passports and ID cards and so on like that. They want the same democratic system the worldwide and they also are giving them inoculations as well through United Nations. We know the history of the UN with their inoculations series. Ask Africa.

That’s the kind of world we’re living in. It’s a dangerous world run by these psychopaths who literally will justify whatever they do. Whatever they do, a psychopath must justify, not to please you but to soothe themselves. They’ve got to save their own ego at all costs. If it meant destroying the world to save their ego, they would do it. That’s their nature and they can rationalize anything at all. They also have conversive speech. Conversive speech is double-speak where they say one thing. The general population thinks that’s a nice word. It sounds good but it’s got an opposing meaning. Orwell said, ‘Freedom is slavery. War is peace.’ That’s what he was telling you, it’s conversive speech. We’re seeing it all there today, so study this book ‘Ponerology’. I don’t get money for these books. I just push the ones that are good.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, November 2007]


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