“Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix. It’s November 7th, 2007. As I stand back to watch the old world turn, you hear from a distance the war drums beating from the Pentagon and even from the United Nations all about the lead up to the war they’ve planned to have apparently with Iran. It’s hard to tell if they’re simply trying to freeze the world into terror so we’ll comply along a new direction, or if there’s some big game plan at the top that we’re not in on, which there always is of course. One way or another, they’re on a roll because the war hawks have been given the saddles to ride in and they’ve been given a full reign to do what they want basically and they want to standardize a world — standardize it in such a way that they’ll be no competing systems.

They decided along ago, a couple of hundred years ago in fact, books were published on this very topic, that this particular system, a system that began in Europe, it actually began long, long before in the Middle East and thousands of years ago, but eventually ended up in Europe for a few centuries, that the system would have to be worldwide and there would be no competition. They wanted a new type of secular world order and there’s no doubt about it, even the Founding Fathers of the U.S. talked about this Federation of States would be the embryo or the nucleus of a world system which they hoped to bring in one day. Some of them in those days perhaps thought that they could take in other cultures, but the ones who have taken over the reigns today certainly do not. They want it to be their system and their system only; and no wonder, because it’s been efficient by controlling the millions and millions of people all across Europe and the British Commonwealth and the U.S. for a long, long time.

Very efficient scientific system and we’re all very happy slaves pretty well. We suffer from neurosis. We see therapists. We take tranquilizers. We’re given stress programs, how to cope with more and more stress, but we don’t complain. We just go ahead and do what we’re told and cope with more and more stress. This system is to be brought to the rest of the world in countries where they don’t have the same banking system. They don’t have the same debt system or usury system. In fact, the Islamic states have a taboo about the usury and of course that’s really why this whole fiasco of a war is being drummed up against them.

The bankers are in cahoots with those at the top, always have been, mind you, for thousands of years and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they’re on a roll now to take the rest of the world over into their beautiful Brave New World. Then step-by-step hopefully they’ll reduce the populations of the whole planet, but not before they use us all to bring about the new system. That’s the beauty of how they work and psychopaths certainly do take trouble in going over the details before they launch anything.

We are now hearing about this Avian flu and sure enough, for about 15 years now professionals have been going on about the Avian flu. This bird flu, it’s for the birds, it’s going to get us all. I’ll be talking more about this and about what the government is giving out to their own employees after the following messages.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, November, 2007]


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