“These psychopathic groups they all know each other, this Anglo-American Establishment which also goes beyond England and beyond the U.S., it’s worldwide now, have formed a club over the last 50 to almost 100 years knowing that they could get this global system into place. As always, down through the ages, when the top psychopaths, these interbred people and they do have a big difference because they don’t have a part of the brain functioning or even possibly even there that gives them normal decency and empathy for others. They’re unable to feel the pain. They can say that they feel the pain like some have said recently, but they don’t actually feel anything at all, they’re born actors and we’re seeing it manifest today with the one who are in power across the world.

They had all signed the same anti-terrorism deal, which tells you this deal was set-up years and years before to go into operation before 9/11 happened, because bureaucratic departments do not work quickly, and yet after 9/11, suddenly almost every major country across the world had signed the same deal. That takes lots of negotiations and working with bureaucratic positions. Today we’re going into it with the psychopaths in full control with an agenda which is not pleasant whatsoever. They’re not starting to kill off populations. They’ve been doing it for a long time, because after all, they don’t ask for volunteers to bring the population down and therefore they had to do it very quietly and they’ve been doing it since at least the 1950’s and probably prior to that. They were working on bacterium and viruses as far back as the 1800’s and there is now documented proof on that too, stuff coming out of the woodwork. If you read the histories of even the Rothschild family, big economists too remember.

Remember what Bertrand Russell said and H.G. Wells. They’d have to bring the economists onboard because they understood money and debt and population numbers need to payoff debts et cetera and ideal population numbers. If you read the histories of the Rothschild’s you’ll find that the children of the Rothschild’s and these are authorized books — the children of the Rothschild’s were into writing books themselves, male and female, on the transference of disease with the use of bed bugs, ticks, lice, that kind of thing, and they published these works back in 1904. These children were about 10 and 11 years of age. Now why on earth would children that age be so into the transmission of disease by this method? It’s because obviously they heard their parents talking about it too because it was not a new idea.

Malthus himself talked about the same techniques in the 1700’s, even how to space the beds in the poorhouses apart, what distance it would take even fleas to contaminate the person next door with typhus and various diseases. These characters who were into economics understand these sciences. Right now we’re at a crisis stage because the big boys who have all accepted the same philosophy very easily because they’re all psychopathic, they do understand each other, want to bring the population down in a hurry. They’ve also taken over 100 years to build up sciences to enable them to create global warming, freezing, flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes. Read the United Nations Weather Warfare Treaty that they all signed. They can do it. That’s why they signed the treaty. You don’t sign a treaty unless you can actually do it. It’s proven science.

It’s happening now as they terrify the public of the world and it is a worldwide agenda and spray them like bugs, which is I’m sure is tranquilizing them as well and we’ll see the long term effects start to emerge with strange diseases and early deaths and so on. That’s what we’re up against. We’re in the middle of a war that’s been going on and most people are completely oblivious to it because they’ve been trained and brainwashed from birth not to see it.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, November 2007]


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