“Now I always tell people to be careful how you guard your mind. You are the guard of your own mind. No one else is. When you let yourself be downloaded without censoring what’s coming in and filtering it, then you’re being brainwashed. Most people get all their ideas from the media, which they’ve been taught and trained to believe is some kind of altruistic special Big Brother that just is out there to keep them right, on the right track. They truly, truly believe that, whereas their grandparents were brought up to be suspicious of the media because they had the histories of the big moguls and how they’d always use propaganda and disinformation to bring brainwash people before. Now they don’t question the media. The media is some sort of altruistic special type of people who get up and worry about the general public. They worry that you’re not getting the right information or all of the information and they fret and fume, and cry a lot apparently, because they really want to have you informed of everything you have to know — and that’s how the general public perceive it.

There are private companies and information is everything. These are information wars, widely publicized in the ’80’s and in fact in the ’70’s in some parts of Europe they talked about the information wars to come, long before the public heard of computers or internet. Even though Zbigniew Brzezinski, and check him up and see what he was into, top adviser into the military and all the rest of it and presidents, a man into technetronic warfare ideas and he wrote books in the ’60’s about this up-and-coming communications form that would eventually create a universal culture. That’s what he said. That’s what the internet would be for, long before we even had a computer.

Nothing is given to the public without a purpose. It doesn’t arrive on the shelves without a purpose and even when it was happening and being pushed in Europe as a must-be, all the unemployed youth at the time were being put through computer training as programmers until I think most of the country was unemployed and going through the training as programmers. You had an overflow of programmers that were obsolete very quickly when they upgraded the computers. However, it was a must-be when you saw all that was being pushed towards it and they even used the terminology that you better get into it now or you’ll be left behind. The same terminology of the ads they used to join the European Unions and all the countries. They said you’ve got to join it. You’ve got to join it or you’ll be left behind. They never said behind what or what you were going into. It was just to create a fear type reaction so the people would just jump into it, as people unfortunately tend to do.

Al Gore, the allegory of Gore, is out there doing a job that he was picked to do long ago I’m sure and his ghostwriters writers write all his books for him and his speech writers write all his speeches for him. As long as he can follow the lines and he doesn’t foul up he’ll do a good job. It’s all fake and all show because the world was planned hundreds of years before in advance, step by step by step, and for those who doubt that, look into the histories of the British Diplomatic Society, Diplomatic Corps. The diplomatic corps hired men to go out and help design ways to conquer whole nations. It might take them their whole lifetime to do it. Stir up and foment trouble. Get tribesmen fighting against tribesmen, knowing who would win because you knew who you were going to back and then once you’d won over them, you’d have someone else fighting them. This went on and on and on, and that’s what Napoleon meant by “perfidious England,” it kept changing sides all the time and making treaties with new ones. Those diplomats would work their whole life in the diplomatic corps going across the world fomenting these revolutions.

A good movie to see is called “Burn”. It was not pushed very highly. Marlon Brando starred in it and it showed you some of these techniques being used in some of the slave colonies in the Pacific and how it worked, how everyone was getting used for an agenda they didn’t realize until it was too late. Britain was a master at that. They could often go through two or three generations of bureaucrats all looking towards the same agenda before they reached their goal and that’s how the world is planned. It’s a long, long-term business plan with every step of the implementation being put down and working exactly as planned. People say, “oh, they’re behind in their agenda.”

No, they’re not behind whatsoever. They had it planned that 2001 would be the spark to unite “Fortress America” as it’s now called and get us all together. I knew they’d have to use a different technique than they did in Europe because in Europe they’d been working since 1948 surreptitiously joining all the countries into one.

In the U.S. it was different. They knew they needed a different technique because most of the citizens of the U.S. had some memory of something called freedoms and Bills of Rights and stuff like that, and there’d be objections. However, you overcome the objections in a state of war and martial law, so we’ve got to all bond together. We’ve got to unify all our security agencies. That was announced in the CBC Canada back at the end of 2001 that it was being done already. Now it is done. It’s complete. There’s even FBI offices across Canada and we’re all one big happy family now, except they keep the pretense of the border going because they want us all to have ID cards which are chipped. That is the reason for it.

Jacques Attali who was the top man really in France, he was an adviser to the top presidents like Mitterrand. No one could see Mitterrand without asking this particular guy’s permission and he wrote the book it was called, “Millennium: Winners and Losers in the Coming World Order.” Jacques Attali said — now he works for the United Nations so he’s a big player. He helped unify Europe. He said eventually much of Latin America will flood into the U.S. beginning with the southern states and he said even hordes of barbarians will come in, the gangster groups, and they will cause mayhem for about a generation or two. Eventually they’ll be assimilated after about two or three generations; and to use the words of Mr. Rockefeller, “you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs,” so all the mayhem that’s caused as everyone rushes to the streets that they think are paved with gold and all the mayhem that results with the clashes of opposing cultures, different cultures is just tough luck, isn’t it? That’s how they view it. Their agenda is rolling forward and I have Mr. Rockefeller talking about that in a meeting.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix, Radio Program, November 2007]


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