“Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix and giving you little tidbits on how this system works and how we’ve all been brainwashed our whole lives really to try and see a world as it’s been presented to us since birth and how we’ve got to see through it and see how it works. See how it all works. It’s very clever. It’s complete. It’s called scientifically designed according to Bertrand Russell, and Huxley and others, a scientific type of dictatorship.

An odd term to use because that was really what Francis Bacon talked about when he wrote his book ‘The New Atlantis,’ and it was published in 1602 although it was already out in 1599. Bacon talked about this place in the Atlantic, which of course is the Americas, where it would have a form of republican government on the surface basically, meaning exoterically, but in reality would be run by a secret group of scientists; and those into the high occultic stuff have always been into science.

We found that with the alchemists of the Middle Ages, the Rosicrucian types and how they tried to use various means to gain powers or release powers from innate articles and metals and all the rest of it, and that led to the rush towards “science understanding nature” as they use to couch it. Bacon talked about The New Atlantis and he even called it Solomon’s land after Solomon, and how it would be run by a secret society in other words with different rituals, customs and

degrees, and how it would come up to appear to the world to be a champion of the free and it would not get involved with other countries affairs — a sort of Monroe Doctrine. Something that maybe they should have held to, but of course they couldn’t because the Anglo-American Establishment that got together under The Council on Foreign Relations in America had decided that the U.S. should take over as policemen of the world and they’ve been bashing about all over the place ever since and they still are doing it.

Nothing is new at all. Things were planned a long time ago and we can find the histories leading up to The Council on Foreign Relations formation, its formation to do the job it’s actually doing and how they plan to get most of the major media as members. You can’t ask to join it. You must be asked to join it if you have the “right stuff’ as they stay and masons love angles and the right stuff is their right angle. They give you the right angles on stuff, not really the true angles, but they give you right angles all the time.

We live in a psychopathic system and unfortunately it’s been that way since the beginning of at least money creation where those who sought after it and wanted to live high on the hog like kings and comfort above the rest of the people took over. Unfortunately in a world like ours where people are fairly decent, fairly nice, those who are very aggressive tend to take over. We’ve got to be very careful with those who oppose them because the dialectic has been used again down through the ages and you’ll find often those who oppose them are simply psychopathic themselves who are just as bad once they become the top cheese when they take over and they’re in power. That’s again the history of the world. It’s really battles between psychopaths at the top.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, November 2007]


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