“Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, just cutting through some of this matrix and showing you that even in little news quips that are put out there are put out there intentionally and every media has got the same stories. That’s why you know it’s intentional. If they’re all independent, why don’t they have so many other stories since this is a big, big world out there, but they have the same stories. This is so you will get used to the idea of changes, big, big changes coming along and you’ll accept them as new types of species and even humans are presented gradually in your lifetime, especially the young who are growing up they’ll definitely see them.

There’s a movie called ‘Gattaca’, a very good movie to do with this very thing of a two-tier class system: Those who are genetically enhanced and who had all the bad genes, you know the nasty common genes removed and replaced with superior ones from the aristocracy, those with ‘virtue,’ people with ‘virtue,’ and how they become much healthier. They get all the top jobs and you have the commoners down below. Excellent movie to watch because that’s also predictive programming put out years ago, in fact, that movie, but it’s also the truth. There’s one thing you can take from science fiction — they always make it happen to be, because all the science fiction writers get their stories from The Futurist Society, which is funded by the big think tanks that plan the future and that’s who gives them the ideas.

I also find that I get questions from people who will email me and ask me something like, ‘I’ve read the Agenda 21 and it seems quite nice. It’s about the environment,’ and you can imagine I don’t bother going any further with that kind of email. People out there are so brainwashed through their education and the media that anything green at all is beautiful. They have no idea and once they see the cozy, buzzy, fuzzy words, like environment and green and yah-de-yah-de-yah, they just go into this salivating state of la-de-da where they’re totally brainwashed and therefore they can read things without realizing the consequences of what they’re actually reading. What would all of that lead up to? The habitat areas on the UN’s website for the habitat areas, they tell you right out there’s no private property to be had. There will be no private transportation for anyone. You’ll have all these street committees, this new politburo going around examining everything and where you live and your home and all the rest of it; and you couple it with the ideas of Lord Bertrand Russell where he says eventually money as you know it will be phased out.

Money has taken on many attributes. Many different types and forms. It doesn’t matter what they give you, porcupine quills or beads or whatever, as long as you accept it as money, then they can make it into anything they want. Eventually he said the governments will issue everybody credits on a Monday and you’ll have to spend them all by Friday because it will go right back to square one on the Monday again. You can’t save up your credits. That’s so that the lower level majority can’t get ahead. They can’t rise above each other. They’ll all be equal. As George Orwell said, “some are more equal than others in such utopias,” and that’s the way it is with man. We saw this in the Soviet era where the Soviet — this was published in newspapers in the ’70’s and ’80’s. The Soviet bureaucracies and the technocrats were living a comparable lifestyle to any bureaucratic position in a similar place in the West, a similar bureaucratic position. They had all the goodies, all the toys, all the stereos, the cars, the chauffeurs et cetera, so that’s how such utopias work. It’s only a utopia or an equality for the majority of the public at the bottom.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix, November 2007]


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