“Now getting back to this drill they’ve been having up to the 19th day, you’ll find that Portland, Oregon is another model state by the UN. You see, they have model states within the United States already. What that means is that the governing bodies of those big cities, the councils et cetera have been taking their orders from the United Nations for many, many years and they’ve created their little Soviet type systems, where you have street committees and all these different organizations. People think that’s all quite normal now, that a committee has to come down and approve your house to be painted, even though you supposedly own it, ha-ha-ha. That’s a big, big joke right there because no one owns their own homes. You can’t own something and be forced out of it if you don’t pay property taxes. It’s either one or the other, so which one is it in fact?

In Portland, Oregon this model city, they’re also going to pretend that they’re going to put off a dirty bomb. In other words, a smoke bomb and this is the excuse they gave the public to see where the wind carries it and what kind of area it will cover. How on earth would they know which way the wind was blowing if the real thing happened? It’s so farcical. It’s meant just to condition the public, terrify them all into compliance. They’re setting up decontamination tents as well. You go through this tent. Get registered and if they offer you free flu shots and you do all you’re told to do, you get a free M&M because M&M is pretending they are little pills they’re going to give you. You get candies like they give to children and you can even apply in lottos to win different things.

That’s what they’re using, marketing techniques to get the public to go along. That shows you how well we’re all trained in our lives through television and media, through gaming and all the rest of it. All this stuff that used to be run by the mafia is generally run by the government, so have you notice that? Here in Canada when Bob Rae was in Ontario, he actually brought up the Chicago bosses of the big casinos in the states. It was in the Toronto Sun, and The Star and different newspapers. He was having meetings with mafia bosses. Bob Rae was the premiere (that’s like the governor) of Ontario and he wanted to find out how to set-up the big casinos so they wouldn’t get looted by corrupt employees.

So they’re in bed together you see. The real mafia is government. That’s what it consists of. It’s totally, completely corrupt and it’s not just become corrupt. It’s just that it’s blatantly corrupt. In the old days they put out a little bit of a show on and pretended, better pretense, but today they don’t even bother and the general public don’t bother because unfortunately again through the society that’s been given to us, a psychopathic type culture, dog- eat-dog, who cares about your neighbor, then we tolerate more corruption at the top.

Unfortunately there’s something in humanity that’s never mentioned, and that is the fact that most people worship extremely wealthy. That’s the name of the game in the psychopathic system is wealth, incredible wealth. People within the U.S. Senate and Congress have got up there through corrupt means. The Kennedy’s were well known for it, amongst others. The Bronfman’s and so on running the old whiskey scams. The whiskey trade and cocaine trade back in the Great Depression days when they had prohibition. That’s how they made their fortunes. Old Joseph Kennedy used to go over because he became a great friend of the Queen and he’d live in Buckingham Palace when he was over there with his wife.

I mean they’re all in bed together at the top — the legal system and the illegal system; the over world, the under world. That’s how it’s always been run and if you want to know how old this system is, go back into the histories of Egypt for instance and whenever you see the same symptoms, you’ll see the same disease. The symptoms are incredible, incredible wealth for a few who live in incredible luxury surrounded by massive poverty; massive poverty and homelessness. You’ll see prostitution everywhere. There are drug scams everywhere and anything goes, same old symptoms.”

[Alan Watt on his radio programme, Cutting Through the Matrix, October 2007]


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