How they indoctrinate and program us so that we are burned out by the age of 40

“Hi folks. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, going through some of the present day matrix because we do live in an illusion really. It’s a fiction we live in.

Our ideas — our ideals even are fictional and they’re propagated to us by very intelligent people who use scientific indoctrinations from the day we’re born. Your parents themselves who were indoctrinated pass on the initial indoctrination and then kindergarten and school picks up on it.

It kills any individuality that you have left in you or puts you on drugs if they find it still there. Then television and work, then life takes over from there and most people are pretty well burned out by the time they’re 35, 40. They’ve lost all their ideals. They’re just trying to get by. They’re lives are generally living in a form of misery, even their relationships too, because no one has been allowed to have any peace, especially not the family unit when you see how much junk is put out there by television that your supposed to emulate all the impossibilities. It’s meant to give you dissatisfaction.

You see, most television is advertising itself. Advertising works on the fact that they can create dissatisfaction with what you are already — how you look, the color of your teeth and everything else. They sell promises not truths. That’s what advertising is all about. All of the television programming in between is there to give you predictive programming. It simply takes over where the ads left off and it gives you whole bunches of little ideas to make you unhappy, generally with the person you’re living with, and people don’t mature anymore. They don’t really talk much anymore. In fact, they hardly communicate. That television is blasting in most peoples’ homes all day long and all evening long when people should be talking and discussing about things that matter to them. That’s what bonding is all about. You bring in a television set and the bonding is destroyed.”

[Alan Watt on his radio programme Cutting Through the Matrix, October 2007]

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