Alan: So there’s one guy who actually thinks and sees. He’s comprehending things for himself and using his own intellect and rationale to figure it out and he’s making plans as well. So as I say all is not lost. Now I think we have Jeff in California. Are you there, Jeff?

Jeff: Hello. How you doing sir? I just wanted to have a little bit of a question and a comment that’s a little bit off topic if you don’t mind. My roommate [Menelick] actually called in three weeks ago and he’s been telling me about this stuff years ago. We’ve been friends for about seven, eight years now and the amount of knowledge that he knows was just mind boggling when he started telling me. It really opened up my eyes and I opened up very quickly of all this stuff and the first feeling that you get is my God, I’ve been had all these years. It was a really a strange feeling. It’s almost like you wakeup at that moment and it’s just like I’ve been had and I’m just hoping it’s a trick and it’s amazing how all the pieces will fall into place. One comment that I had for you because we’ve gone way beyond most of the stuff you’ve talked about. You have such an in depth understanding of all of this and you mentioned that you were going to come out with a book. What I want to do is email you — I’ll email you and whatever it takes to help you get that book going, we’re willing to do it because we’re into the mystery at this point and it’s just fascinating to even go back into ancient times and how much they knew and how nothing has really changed until now. You’re right. Nothing’s changed and people haven’t really changed that much and like you said a lot of little technical stuff has gotten evolved, but us as people, we haven’t evolved at all actually.

Alan: The same tricks that were used thousands of years ago can be used over and over. Plato said that if it worked in the past on people on great amounts of people, it can be made to work again in the future, if you know the formula. They simply repeat the same formula. They give different names to whatever. Now it’s called science. Science is the new priesthood and whatever scientists say is treated as gospel truth and people obey.

Jeff: One comment that I had. Will you be setting something up in your website so maybe people can make a donation on a monthly basis? I think it’s important that you’re teaching all this stuff to everybody and everybody is able to contribute to you, because for the cost of Starbucks five times a week, which you’re getting killed anyway, you might as well start learning something and to me it’s important. I think as a transaction it’s easier online if you do it on a monthly basis. That’s just a comment that I have.

Alan: Yes. I’m putting up PayPal for donations only.

Jeff: That will be great. I’d love that. It makes me feel good I’m contributing something to learning real. Watching 80 channels on cable television which is completely crap.

Alan: Don’t forget the main thing too. Regardless of all this stuff I could teach on ancient history and the mysteries and all the rest of it, you can get sidetracked into being fascinated and rather than being active in what’s happening today and that’s the main thing is you’ve got to be. This is why they merged the New Age with the facts of what’s happening. It diverts people off into a different world of fantasy, imagination and become more of a hobby with them. What we’re going through at the moment is the most serious time we’ve ever gone through in history and we’ve got to become really active and take our rights back before we lose them all.

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