How the whole idea has always been to depopulate

“Hi. Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix for the last couple of minutes. I’d ask some of the callers to try and keep their questions short and not sort of hog the line because other callers try to get in.

Just to end tonight, I’d like people to try and check in and see if you can get into CBC archives. That’s the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation archives and look up bacteriophages because bacteriophages were used for antibiotics in place of antibiotics all throughout the Soviet era from 1917 on down, brought to the Soviet Union from a doctor from Canada who left in 1917 to help the revolution and he just knew the formula, which meant this is an old formula. They have been breeding bacterium and viruses which could literally destroy other viruses and bacterium and the CBC did a documentary special. Showed you laboratories and all you need to do was inhale a little puff from an inhaler and you were cured of pneumonia before the day was out and we never heard a peep of that all throughout the Cold War. We’re still on antibiotics today and we’re slaves to the pharmaceutical companies, who are always complaining that they just can’t keep up with this evolution in bacterium.

It just shows you there are many, many cures out there that actually work and they kept that quiet from the entire western world. The western world knew about it but they didn’t tell the public there’s another way to do this. Very cheap too and extremely effective and the viruses that they’d set up to eat the bacterium literally were timed out. They could program them to only be in your system for a day or two days, and once they’d eaten up their targets they died off. Very effective and yet not a peep.

Now a company from Alberta bought that up for a company in New York. They said it would be shortly available to the public, but we’ll never ever see that come on the market for the public because it actually works. These are cures you see. The cures are kept from the public and Charles Galton Darwin’s biggest beef was: we can’t help the public and eradicate diseases and get their population down at the same time. Now think about that. Why should they help you? The whole idea is to depopulate. They’re not out there to help you and these health services have become authorities, because whatever they’re going to give you in the near future is going to be to your detriment.

[Alan Watt on his radio programme Cutting Through the Matrix, October 2007]

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