Alan: Brian in New York, are you there?

Brian: Hey, I was thinking that all the various degrees of all the societies and orders are not only a way of preserving knowledge and holding knowledge but a programming of sorts; a proven program to keep a good amount of psychopathy from turning against itself.

Alan: Yes.

Brian: And just creating a bunch of lower orders and just stamping them with their symbols and just feeding them a bunch of garbage and giving them experience to justify it.

Alan: Pike himself had derogatory terms for the lower Masons that were useful idiots and he said that they’re no different from the profane. They think they are but they’re still useful idiots and they don’t get into the real mysteries until they come up through the degrees. It’s a sifting process because psychopathic groups and aristocratic clubs down through the centuries have methods of finding their own people and testing their own. Who do you bring up and you want the same traits as yourself. You want someone who can do terrible things and yet never divulge it to anyone. You want people who will obey their superiors. A psychopath, because he’s sadomasochistic, worships the powerful ones above him, despises those below, so when you’re given an order in high Masonry by a Senior Mason you are taught to obey it instantly and put all reservations of personal judgment to the side. They must not interfere. You must obey immediately without question and the psychopaths will do that because they have no conscience and they’re showing they have ‘all the right stuff’ as they call it to get up there. That’s what the real purpose is of Masonry.

Brian: Yes, and when you know that, it really shouldn’t be hard to understand that the breeding programs have to be progressed big time.

Alan: Yes. There’s always a sifting mechanism. Special Forces has it too. The military has it, their own ways of testing and finding out who can be absolutely counted on in any situation and will obey any order. They find who they are and these are the teams they make up for assassination squads for instance. They pick the people, they test them well and they’re proven and it’s no different than any of these associations, but you always find crookedness and big crooks go behind charity and charitable works. It’s hard to attack mom’s apple pie.”

[Alan Watt, Cutting through the Matrix, 2007]

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