“Hi folks. I’m Alan Watt, still Cutting Through the Matrix, and just to add on to this sifting mechanism, before I take the next caller, I should also add the politicians because politicians start in the “volunteer core” you might say of charitable works. That’s how they get the little things on their resumes, helping in all the little established groups in your local areas. That’s where they get their brownie points on doing. They don’t care about what they’re actually involved in. They get to know the head honcho who is one of the sorting guys. He looks at them all, all these newcomers with their tweed suits on and their briefcases, who are up and coming and who are doing regular jobs in business at the time. He takes them out on the golf course if you’re worthy and that’s where the real deals are made and he’ll push you up the ladder and give you brownie points. You’re being sifted right from those charitable works and the boards that you join. That’s how they get up the ladder.

Once they’re in politics they’re immediately brought into the older politicians’ little groups who test them out again and see if they’ll accept a little bit of corruption and keep their mouths shut; and if they don’t, they’re out the door or they’ll be set-up. They’ve already had politicians in Canada who have written books on this. They would not go along with the corruption and the rest of them, the psychopaths, gather round, set them up and try and get rid of them. That’s the psychopathic system. I keep telling people in the system that we live in, which is based on money, which gives you a fear of poverty. You wouldn’t have a fear of poverty if you didn’t have money and no one had any money, you’d live in tribes no doubt and probably have a much better life. You wouldn’t need to know who Freud was either, it wouldn’t really matter, or bombs, or atom bombs or anything else. We’re living in a monied system so it encourages psychopathy to get to the top. It is their system.

We are taught that there is winners and losers and you’re terrified of being poor, so you’re taught to claw your way up to the top, use cunning and guile and then you’re called successful like Mr. Donald Trump and everyone worships you. You’re up there on stage. You’ve made it and the psychopaths can’t help but make it in this system.”

[Alan Watt on his radio program, Cutting Through the Matrix, 2007]


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